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 Dean Clarke a World Wide Author is available for speaking and lectures on Egyptian and Atlantis information.

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ATLANTISTE.COM RECENT NEWS also click this linkThe Atlantean Research Journal from 1948-1986 (annotated, but mostly original documents) Editors Pierce, and Edgerton Sykes mostly. These were partly published by Markham House Press, LTD., and registered with Stationers Hall. Which this is now the New Atlantean Research Journal Online Home. Disclaimer: The above is why this Web Site does not maintain that it is the owner of the material and why it will not publish the articles in full. It is respectfully to help the interests of those looking for rare information, or outdated as to the origin of theories on Atlantis. WARNING- the best person to contact first about printing the Sykes Material is Frances Walker contacted by email at fwalker@fsmail, and who represents have the sole reprint rights of Sykes work. Out of their kindness this site continues, which the articles already up cannot be added without their permission. We here at recognize their rights and kindness for what is available here. Therefore this Web Master does not claim rights or ownership of the material. The Web Master will only sell xerox copies of the material on a journal basis, but not till you have contacted Francis Walker directly first. The cost will not be very great if smaller inquires on journals. The shipping however makes it not worth it unless the order is more than 3 journals at a time. This site will never make copies to be sent with all journals for one said person at one time. That is respecting the copyright to those who control it to decide. If you want copies contact, , Also, web master has right to decline order, especially if you do not contact Francis Walker first at , or for other books and information about books

The New Atlantean Research Journal is an organ of the older 'Atlantis Research Center, and Atlantean Research Group or Journal'. This Web Master has authority on anything new that comes from this journal after 1986. The re-founding of it and with Clarke's New Atlantian Journal was after 1986 at around 1987, but did not put out material until present on line 2000 A.D.. Below the list of the dates and pages to have only partial excerpts of journals submitted online Atlantean Research Journal.

The information online is directly for educational purposes, bibliographies have not been included, inqury only. Articles below mostly only in part go from the first Atlantis Research Centre of Vol. 1, Number 1 of 1948 to Vol. 29, Number 2 of March 1976. It would be to numerous to list each vol. or number. So I give the reader from this above statement that Vol. 1 thru 29 are the range and that Francis Walker has the rights to them , outside of side comments I made independent of Egerton Sykes Journals. The reason I did not list each Journal number is mostly due to the lack of completeness of these works are not online and that they are mostly paraphrased. If you want a bibliography it is advised to contact Francis Walker at Basically, the years of each Journal are listed to hint at what Volumes they were in. We do note Egerton Sykes the main inventor of this Atlantis Research Journal.

1948- 1949 Subjects Plato, Loc. of Atlantis , Basques, Atlantis Misc., Asteroids, Zodiac Epochs, etc.

1950 Subjects Atlantis Paradox of History, Ark&Moon, Orichalcum,Tiahuancao-Next Stage

1951-1953 Subjects Pillars &Duality of Hercules, Isle Serpent,Medusa,Isle of Amazon,Gypseys,Rh-

1954-1956 Subjects NanMatal-Ponape-Pacific,Atlantis Geological,DisasterMap,Lost Atlantis, Drift Theory,Canaries1796 report, Teneriffe underwater

1957-1959 Subjects Egyptian Myths,St.Michael Islands,Momentous Discoveries, Ivory Tusk homes,More of Dr.Zhirov, etc.

1960-1962 Subjects Atlantis & North Africa,Eritheia,& Tartessos,Letter Marcel Homet, Urals, Lemuria, Titans, flood stories

1963-1965 Subjects Atlantic-Pacific,WheelFullCircle,Telchines, and more

1966-1968 Subjects Caribbean before underwater Cuba site was found, Mars Craters, Thoth, etc.

1969-1971Subjects Site of Atlantis,Reversal of magnetic fields,Equestrian Statue-Azores, Atlantis and Caribbean, Churchward's Mu today, The reason Thera is wrong on Atlantis, Odd Happenings In Pyramid of Chephren, Giants in those days, etc.

1972-1974 Subjects 6th Century BC Maps, Letters from Donnelly,Agriculture Revolution, Art, Sign and Script, The Ice Ages, Cadiz Conference-Sykes and Maxine Asher, Neith as Tanith, M.Asher in Brighton, Cadiz-Bimini/Andros.

1975-1977 Subjects Sybilline Oracle,Tautha Cities,Bimini as Murias, Basques in America B. Fells review, Added Journal Articles end for now as of 1976 Grand Total online is 130-150 Articles reviewed.

1978-1980 Subjects

1981-1983 Subjects> Edgerton Sykes passes away 1983, Brighton, England, then A.R.E. Cayce expands

1984-1985Clarke's various connections years and conferances become more regular

1986-1992 Dean Clarke's Atlantean Research work in the off print years

1992-2000 Dean Clarkes Cultural Diffusion Work, and Internet Online 1998 start of Atlantean Research Jour.

2001-2018 Dean Clarke Books available at Amazon/Kindle list of titles on top of landing page.

The New Atlantean Research Journal is noted below

2001-2002 Atlantis France Flood Theory, D. Clarke

2003 Nordic-Egyptian Atlantis story compared 'Sigard's Worm'and Canary Island report of 1730 undersea erruption, D. Clarke

2004Happy New Year, Italy's Pyramid of Montevecche with links, Anonym. Letter from a reader of this site, and The Carthage-Berber Atlantis cont., D. Clarke

2004 New Italy Pyramid research in remote sensing by D. Clarke, Italy's Pyramid of Montevecche with The Carthage-Berber Atlantis cont., D. Clarke

New Atlantean Research Journal and Atlantis based Library on line as 'Organ of the Avalon Society'.




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