1973 cont

1973 cont.

Neith who is also Tanith, By E.Sykes 1973 c.

In the paper on Queen Antinea, published in December last, I omitted to mention that the Egyptian Goddess Neith (NTH) was the same as Tanith (TNH) and Athens (THN), the letters in brackets being the Egyptian consonants for the names. When Solon visited Egypt in BC 569, during the reign of Amasis, it was to Sais Ė the then capital of Egypt- that he made his way and met Psonchis, High Priest of Neith, whose main temple was there. Lockyer mentions that the building was oriented East and West a completely opposed line of astronomical thought to that at Thebes. The relations between Libya and Sais had always been important all through history and when Psonches mentioned the great antiquity of the Temple records it is quite possible that many of them originated from Libya, i.e. from the Amazon Queens and their rivals. Although Sais was only the Capital of Egypt on two occasions the first being from BC 530 to BC 712 and the second from BC 663 to BC 525, there is no doubt as to its importance as a leading provincial center in other periods. It was here that Pythagoras went to learn from Psonches. Unfortunately there was a serious falling off in standards after BC 525, the time of the Persian invasion, and by the time that Plato visited Patentit in Sais much of the original learning was lost. For the record Solonís journey while in exile lasted seven years, his visit to Sais took place in the final period, the subject of Atlantis being fresh in his mind when he returned to Greece and wrote ĎAtlantikosí. The college was still in existence when Plato was there in BC 390 shortly before opening up his Academy in Athens in BC 387. At the present moment it is nothing but heap of ruins in the sand, a few miles from Tanta. The last archaeologists to be interested were Lepsius who is quoted by Lockyer writing in 1894. Since then nothing." E.S. 1973 c.

Another Angle of Attack, By E. Sykes 1973 c.

"The paper by Mr. M.J.O. Green, which follows, is of interest, in that partially bridges the gap between the Winans and Chester Davis concepts of a cosmic disaster on the one hand, and the Velikovsky thesis on the other. The difficulty with Velikovsky is his failure to assign a reasonable cause to realize that the dates he gives are almost impossible on historical and mythological grounds. The dates for a possible major disaster are the following:

BC 10,000 Atlantis.

BC 6,000 Mediterranean, North Sea and Caribbean break through.

BC 2,650 BC Kaali Meteorite.

The first two were major disasters although it is by no means sure that of the 6,000 BC was due to a meteorite, it may just have been caused by the onrush of water from melting Glaciers. The Kaali Meteorite, although very important, cannot be called a major catastrophe. In consequence there are three lots of stories and legends, sometimes compressed into one or two. None of them correspond with Velikovsky who seems to have taken the evidence for all three and allocated it to his own idea of date, which to my mind was wrong. However, although I disagree on dates, I am always pleased to use the evidence which Velikovsky and his wife managed to produce. The process of sorting out which belongs to which is still under consideration, it will take a year or so before a final answer can be produced. The main difficulty is the paucity of data on celestial intruders in the past. With some comets, such as Halleys, it has been possible to work out dates for their appearance back to BC 10,000. With most comets dates of more than a century back are absent. Fortunately for historians astronomers are now becoming interested in efforts to correlate their science with ancient history; their work is proving extremely fruitful. The comet, which will appear in early October, obviously has a history of past appearances. It would be interesting to have confirmation from an astronomer of the maximum time between appearances, which it could have, at the present calculated speed, while still forming part of the Solar System. If one takes 1250 years as the time needed for an object of this nature to travel for a light year, then, on the assumption that the radius of our system cannot exceed two light years, the distance to the nearest star being double this, the maximum time between visits would be about 5,000 years. For practical purposes I would lower this to 4,000 years, in which case its visits would have been:

BC 10,000 ; BC 6,000; BC 2,000; AD 2,000

Is this information of any use to Velikovsky fans? The first two dates fit in with my own series; that of 2,000 BC is still an enigma. " E.S. 1973 c.

Extract from the Sybilline Oracle, By E. Sykes 1973 c.

Actual Oracle Theory of Dean Clarke,c. 2002 Aug. 25th

"I saw a burning sun among the stars threatening, ( comet like)

I saw the moons wrath in lightening, (celestial change noted)

The stars were pregnant with battle. God let them fight. (A shower of them)

Long flames shot athwart each other in place of the Sun, ( Long tails of comet)

The Morning Star directed the battle mounting the Lions back, (Venus on Leo)

The Moons two-horned sign of mourning changed, ( reflection changed)

The Goat thrust back the young Bullís neck, (Capricorn or Aries?)

The Bull in turn robbed the goat of the day of homecoming. ( Slight tilting of sky?)

The Balance displaced Orion, (Libra moves Orion out of place)

And its place knew it not, ( Stars and signs out of place)

The Virgin in the Ram took over the lot of the Twins. (Top of Virgin moved into Gemini)

The Pleiades ceased to shine. (Pleiades fall off horizon)

The Dragon denied the Girdle, (Dragon ĎDracoí? thrown off pole)

The Fishes took shelter over against the Lions girdle, (Pisces moves into horizon more)

The Crab yielded its place, for it feared Orion, (Cancer kept in range of Orion)

The Scorpian attacked the tail of the dread Lion, (Scorpio tail appeared in north)

The Dog slipped down by reason of the Sunís flame, (Canis Major went below horizon?)

The Water Carrier set fire to the might of the strong Shinner, (Aquarius as comet came?)

Uranus rose in his might until he caused the fighters to tremble. (Earthquakes)

Flinging them down to earth in his wrath, (his asteroids?)

Thus they were hurled down to the baths of the oceans, ( into the oceans)

Setting fire to the whole land. The whole ether was without stars." (burning lands smoke)

N.B. An excellent description of a Cosmic disaster.

Editor .

Webmaster Note- by Dean Clarke Aug. 25th 2002 c.

As you can see the earthís poles or shaking was out of whack, and that the result was not from the earthquakes that had started the narrative, but a comet or asteroid in past tense, revealed as Uranus wrath. The Pole shifted first in the north in an upward and counter-clockwise fashion, yet at the same time reversing and dropping slightly westward. This means that the earth rotated in a peculiar fashion against its normal direction as viewed from our night sky. It is as if the earth had wobbled by 15 to 30 degrees at least. With the first as the worst in one direction and then second shift compensating the motion in the other direction. The above reveals mostly one direction, and then a minor one. The Asteroids when hitting the earth seem to be correlated with this earth shaking or pole change. In which case would have to be a massive bombardment, as well as at asteroids of considerable size landing at high speeds of the said intruders. We could think of the earth; in a minor way, as being rotated by the hits each asteroid hit slightly bumping the earth in the wrong direction. The fact that Carolina Bay and the Antilles area Asteroids constituting 10,000 types of 1/2 to 5 mile crater impacts constitutes the plausibility of this oracle. Note it is an Oracle as if an event that has not happened yet, but an Oracle can refer to what was before. We may note that Leo and Aquarius are very prominent and thus whether it is in the Leo-Virgo age or our own of Dawn of Aquarius one may want to take heed of its cyclical asteroid warnings.

I leave it up to the readers using some modern astronomy program to figure out when this happened? 2002 Aug. 25th 2002

One may want to Read in the Bible of Judges 14; Verse 5-8, and 15; verses 4 through 15

Of Samsonís celestial story in regards to the above mentioned? Sinc. Webmaster-D. Clarke

The Leonides Showers seem to be indicated, or Persid Showers? 1973 ends

Atlantis-A Fresh Concept, By Egerton Sykes 1974 Begins and Ends



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