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Atlantis-A Fresh Concept, By Egerton Sykes 1974 c.

  1. Introduction

"It had been hoped that it would have been possible to produce the whole of this material in time for the May-June Atlantis. Unfortunately there has been so much research work involved that not only is the report larger than had been anticipated but in addition certain of the material for the second half will not be ready in time.

A part of the fresh concept is linked up with the fact that the Tautha left us a number of records which have told us not only their names for four cities of Atlantis, out of the total of seven of which tradition tells us. In addition we have records of the treasures of the various Temples plus some details as to what happened to them. With this knowledge as a base it has been possible to work out that as certain of the Temples stood on high hills near their Cities, those employed there would have a reasonable chance of survival. Although Poseidon was the chief God of Atlantis, religion was usually linked with one or other of the Lunar Fertility Goddesses, known to us as Isis, Astarte, Selene, Aphrodite, etc. In consequence the great majority of the officiating staff were women Priestesses. They were assisted by lay workers, who became the Tautha; and guarded by troops drawn from the Aesir. In the background was a ritual interest in horse breeding and racing. After the disaster the surviving Priestesses tended to remain at their posts; the Lay Workers gradually made their way back to Ireland, while the soldiers, having lost their occupation returned home to the Northern Lands. In spite of the fact that everybody in the Old World and quite a lot of people in the New World, knew of the existence of various Temple Treasures, with frequent attempts being made to snatch them, some have managed to survive intact until the present day. The four Atlantean Cities of the Tauths were relatively easy to site as there were numerous clues from external sources ranging from Hanno and Alexander the Great to Ponce De Leon and the Welsh Triads."

The four cities were : Falias, Gorias, and Finias, and the City of Murias.

Webmaster Note- We can see that the iasGreek-Pelasges-Akkadic terminal is Isis or River indicated, the Fal, Gor , Fin, and Mur show King, Horn, Opening, and Sea-Moor as the under currents of language. The Gori with the i at end of each noun name changes the meaning slightly to ‘Men-King’, ‘Milky Way’, ‘Man-Opener’, and ‘Sea-Lands’. With this each one has a feminized end of a woman temple name i.e. Ais. Thus Queen of People, Queen of Sky, Queen of Ways, and Queen of the Sea. We can also say that the ias is the Wind Gods as well. If it were Etruscan it would be like Varias, Korias, Fairies, and Vinias all of which descend from the assistance to some sea priestess lurking behind them and the Medusa Cults. They are in this case revealing four cardinal points born of not just four cities but of one original one that had concentric rings with a cross through the middle of it. They later were by name incorporated in a geographical sense for other cities of some remote existence? This has been first proposed by Dean Clarke c. Aug. 25th 2002. Soc. Geog. BLS

ps. It does not matter what they mean in ancient Greek, Tautha, Akkadic, or Etruscan they all reveal a ancient noun system that had the ‘r’ or ‘l’ always before and after a hard consonant sound. And the l’s and r’s are considered ‘liquids’ language which for many children is a hard sound to pronounce for the ages of under 6. It shows that at Homo Sapiens beginnings the first 500,000 to 1,000,000 years were not spent very much of the time in pronouncing r’s. Which means the r’ or l’ may have not been developed till between 500,000 to 1,500,000 years ago at the earliest. We suspect the ‘r’ or ‘l’ was developed by a culture not long before Atlantis beginnings, and is an Atlantean introduced consonant. China’s difficulty of interchangeable r’s into more l’s shows a cultural line that the r’ was a western influence. It may well be said that ‘Ear’ by name indicates it was produced by an approximation of another sound replicated by a dog, cat, or bear sound low growl, or a whirl sound by a whirl instrument to frighten off such creatures or in corralling an animal. These were hunted about 150,000 BC to present, and the whirl devices have not been found before 100,000 BC. We conclude this as Atlantis pseudo-civilized beginnings about 125,000 to 100,000 BC which would have not been to much of a life difference then the ancient African Bushman and at that time might have looked more like Heidelberg Man. I mentioned this in regards to Atlatl names or should we say Atratr’s?

Bimini-Murias, and Basques in America in BC 700,By Egerton Sykes 1975 –1976 Begins

(And a Book Review of the Sirius Mystery, By Robert Temple of 1974 release)



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