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prehistoric origins of Electricity another clarke on the atlantis thing

search under "Expedition Atlantis Ibero-African" The "Expedition: Atlantis Ibero-African" will start off at the end of August for the zone of the "Strait of Gibraltar", and from there to the "Madeira Islands"

A Great Loss CHARLES BERLITZ PASSED AWAY DEC. 18th 2003 here is notice link as to one of the few world authorities on Atlantis left. The webmaster Dean Clarke is now one of top 3 world authority on atlantis remaining.



Cuba Pyramid most recent update Nov. 2nd not much new said

500,000 year old hut tent found

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CROP CIRCLE NAUTILUS ON JULY 16th 2002 found near Pewsey Horse i.e. a equstrian atlantis connection, or is it a Cat, this link you touch is for earthfiles on story. (and occured right when my website was put up on information on the Atlantis Culture at this site ( here are other links


6,000 BC City 3 miles off coast underwater in Bay Cambay, Northern India

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more info.,


9,000 years old mummies oldest so far known

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 Pyramids and Underwater Research,, and /underwater.html,,

The sea creature mounds of the Bahama's, and

Bimini Roads

Fountain of Youth Lore


Places to watch-

Azores and

Far South of Azores 'Lost City' vents

Dominican Republic

And Cave


Ascension Islands

Florida Gulf



Mayan stone depict of Atlantis



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Atlantis Maps Project

Egyptology Sites about Atlantis Egyptology site exploring the idea, not directly scientific backed Association of Research and Enlightenment, E. Cayce

Aaron Du Val Egyptology Society, Miami Museum of Science and underwater stuff Aztlan about Ignatius Donnelly and various ancient maps site


Whatever happened to Aquaman????????

Alta Vista translate in another language on search engine


On other picked Links on subject of Atlantis and more... my website listed on this site

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