Italy's Three Great Mound-Stone Pyramids from -remote sensing

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Presented by , D. Clarke BLS c. 2004

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The Pyramids in Montevecchi Italy have been Found 

( this is a Big point about potential Atlantis type stellar knowledge as related to Giza Complex), By Dean Clarke BLS or

calculations made by D. Clarke

Calculations of latitude and longitude are my calculations not the or Marco V. Varese on this website, but the image was adapted from their website to show the intrigue of the issues Marco Varese is bringing up. 

It would seem that Egypt may not refer to the Italy Pyramid in public much due to tourist wars that would thus be acute, or ensue. Here like the Atlantis issue another controversy at a scale and speed that is daunting to major scientists and archaeologists. They just cannot keep the lid on it good enough, eh? Well first in this last 30 years we heard the Chinese Pyramids, then the claimed Bahamas Pyramids, then the Mexico Pyramids, we know of the Giza Pyramid, there is the Burma-Thialand Pyramids, recently potential Okinawa structures below Japan, the mounds in USA and England are considered for all purposes earth pyramids. Mycenaean Tombs or Tholos are considered Nabatean Pyramids or raised mastabas. Lastly, the South America ones as well, or should we not forget the Pacific ones? Now we have the big story the Italian Pyramid, not to mention any of Spain, France , and some other European pyramid lurking somewhere? I saw Bauval and Hancock at the ARE Conference back in 1998-99 and at that time the Orion Mystery was still hot, now with the Italy Pyramid this is getting hotter. As of recent the Cuba Pyramids have held the debate so far seen but now the Italian's I applaud because it opens up even more 'can of worms' and not a moment much sooner. Hopefully, we do not get a military base built near the Italian Pyramids or I will call it a conspiracy at that rate, or the lack of public information that others do not want to cover. At any rate I am sure the Montevecchi people would appreciate the tourism. The main point of this issue is that only about a year ago I was on a lead about some weird Italian information that was not directly connected with this find by other scientists in Italy outside of the archaeologist from Romania-Italy region whose name is   Marco V. Varese accredited for putting forth these Pyramid images or information. I was looking a year ago for weird prehistory in Italy and got quite excited about the prospects of future finds and lo and behold here it is. The Montevecchi Pyramids of the Ogganos...........

The website of this information are:'s/Piramides%20In%20Italie.htm" pyramids in Italy like great pyramid giza which this photo was to show example of from their sites:

Another thing one needs to know about Italian site so far no one knows its age, and it is a little worn down from past agriculture. Through the  human courses ploughed on the hill to the present ages it is worn a little but also it is triangular shaped not 4 point which are fairly rare mound types. It does not give the find justice to call it tetri-sized but more a 'Trine-per-medi ' that is 'The Three Houses and  Pillars' which the town of Trevolga south of this reminds me of for 'three volga-rivers'? It would seem 'Hermes' Egyptian Trice Great God and not just Imhotep to be near these Italian haunts who was also known to be 'a foreigner' imported into Egypt as a builder God? Maybe it explains the burials of ibis pottery or mummies near the funerals of Egyptian builders under later Pharaoh kings? By the time of Imhotep the Thoth guild was well in place! Has it ever occurred to anyone Orion's name is the same as Hermes of thrice great or the triune pyre of the mount of fire? It is fairly well known the Egyptians 'later' did colonize on the River Po before they entered Colchis of Black Sea...........

To Buaval, and Hancock who may want to re-look at this thing even harder...........

sinc. D. Clarke BLS of  of  Jan.-7-2004


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