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My Egypt Pages-


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Archaeology Links-





Egypt Pyramids-

My site of Sykes pyramid info.

1. 100 pyramids links

2. Pyramids: The Inside Story - 
NOVA Online tours the Great Pyramid in QuickTime VR,  explains how the pyramids were constructed and by whom.

Also covers a 1997 excavation of the bakery that fed the pyramid builders.

3. Pyramids -
The British Museum provides a readable, 

illustrated introduction to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt.

 Includes an interactive reconstruction of Khufu's pyramid complex. 

4. The Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser - 
Clickable plan and images, provided by the University of Pennsylvania

5. The Giza Plateau Mapping Project - 
Research on the geology and topography of the Giza plateau, construction and function of the Sphinx, Great Pyramids, associated tombs and temples, and the Old Kingdom town in the vicinity. 

6. Harvard Magazine: Who Built the Pyramids? - 
Archaeologist Mark Lehner has discovered a city of pyramid workers. Illustrations include a conjectural drawing of the Giza plateau near the end of Khufu's reign. 

7. The Construction of the Pyramids -
An illustrated guide to the construction, architecture and the evolution of the design of the pyramids from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. 

8. The Upuaut Project -
Computer-based study combined with robotic investigation of the shafts in the Great Pyramid of Cheops by engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink. He argues that they were not air shafts. 

9. Architecture in Ancient Near East - 
The University of Haifa Library presents a study of the construction of the pyramids of Egypt, in comparison with the ziggurats of Mesopotamia. Includes images, reconstructions and bibliography.

10. Great Pyramid of Khufu - El Giza, Egypt - Great Buildings Online - 
Great Pyramid of Khufu by unknown architect, at El Giza, Egypt, -2600 to -2480, in the Great Buildings Online.

11. Pyramid Precision - 
Writing in the journal Nature, Kate Spence shows that the orientation errors of earlier and later pyramids faithfully track the slow drift of Kochab and Mizar. 

12. The Pyramids of Giza - 
CultureFocus provides an illustrated introduction to the most famous monuments of ancient Egypt. 

13. The Pyramid Builders - 
Concise, illustrated information on the pyramids from archaeology student N. A. Fink.

14. The Pyramids -
An illustrated description of the evolution of the Egyptian pyramids and discussion of how they were built from King Tut Includes a virtual model of the Great Pyramid.

15. The Pyramids - 
Illustrated introduction to the Step Pyramid and the Great Pyramids by Victor Shammas. 

16. How the Egyptians Built the Pyramids - 
Richard Koslowa suggests that Egyptians could have lifted heavy stones to build the pyramids by the use of counter-weights. Illustrated with diagrams. 

17. Pyramid of Man - The House of Going Forth by Day - 
An illustrated discussion by Vincent Brown on the architecture of Old Kingdom pyramids, with bibliography. The focus is on the depiction of the figure of Osiris in the substructure of Khufu's pyramid. 

18. The Blueprint of the Great Pyramid - 
Stephen Brabin analyses the geometric structure of the pyramid. 

19. Pyramid Construction - 
A study of the logistical aspects of Egyptian pyramid construction in the 25th century BC by civil engineer Peter Prevos. Includes bibliography and links to Herodotus's comments on pyramid-building.

 20. Who Built The Great Pyramids - 
An article by David Rohl, first published in the Express, on the evidence that we have for the construction of the pyramids of Egypt, including recent discoveries by Zahi Hawass. 

21. Door Shuts on Pyramid's Mysteries - 
The BBC reports that the secrets of Egypt's Great Pyramid of Cheops will remain locked up for another 12 months after a door blocks a miniature robot explorer.

22. Egyptian Centres of Cult Worship - 
Photographs and sectional drawings of the Egyptian pyramids. 

23. ancient knowledge links

24. Sphinx info.

25. A general and panoramic site

26. Nova site

27. Library of Congress

28. Various


many others

The Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association

The Theory of Pyramid Field

The Giza Power Plant (about our modern scientific technologies
employed in ancient Egypt)

The Alternative Technology of the Ancients, the Omega files
Secret Science of Ancient Egypt
Pharaoh's Pump Foundation

Researchers and Authors Studing the Great Pyramid, etc.

Ancient World Web

Ancient Routes

Sacred Sites

Nat. Geographic

Queens Pyramid discovered

The pyramid, which lies 90 km (56 miles) south of ...

Egyptian Magazine

Megaliths info and pyramids

best of the road


Pyramids of Crete and Greece- (did you know they had them?)

1. Geodetic system of Crete 

2. Info. on Greek pyramid older then supposed Giza or Djoser Pyramids?

3. More on Greek Pyramids

4. And more


Italy Pyramids- 

My sites-


1. The Central Europe magazine site and work of Marco V. Varese, archeolog

2. The Italy Source

3. Another Site's/Piramides%20In%20Italie.htm  


Pyramids of Russia or more near Afganistan-

1. Uzbakistan

2. Of a modern one but a research group

3. Russia megaliths

4. mounds of Russia



Black Pyramids of Tenerife, Canary Isles

My page of Sykes stuff on Canary Island culture obelisks or pyramids

1. Black terraced pyramids of the Canary's

2. Guanche (Egypto-Carthage inferences) culture

3. Guanche Astronomy


Underwater Pyramids-

1.  Site about underwater pyramids

2. Site about underwater pyramids , ,,

3. Site about underwater pyramids

4. Site about underwater pyramids
5. Site about underwater pyramids

6. Team Atlantis sites

7. Laura Lee Show on underwater pyramidal structures

8. Best of the Web site on underwater pyramids

9. Mounds of the Carribean by Quicksilver's webpage



India, Burma, Cambodia and Thailand Pyramidal structures-

1. City found underwater and other information--Ancient City, Poomapuhr, Cambay Bay, India

2. Angkor Wat portal of virtual temple sites

3. Angkor Wat temple images

4. Angkor aerial shots

5. More Angkor



the # 6. and 7. listed from

6. Pyramids of The Buddha image named Phra Ruan Rojanariddhi Sri Indradhit Dharmopas Maha Vajiravuth Raj Pujaniyaborpit. Location: Phra Pathom Chedi, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

7. The Pagoda of Phra Pathom Chedi  Location:Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

8. Ban Kho - Prasat Phanom Wan, Thailand

9.Thailand/ Ayuthaya

10. and many others in Thailand

11. the 5,000 temples and pyramids of Bagon, Burma

12. Another Bagon, Burma site

13. Pagodas of Veitnam


China Pyramids- of Qin Chuan Valley Regions

1. Lauralee about chinese pyramids

2. Hartwig Hausdorf Reports

3. Farshores Website of Pyramid images

4. my website with similar image if the site above does not have image

5. More china pyramid stuff



Pyramids of  Tibet? terraced mountains or its Pagodas


Pyramids of Mongolia-


Pyramids of Korea


2. Includes Japan and many other sites of pyramid


Pyramids on Samoa and Java



Cuba Pyramids- ADC group






Cuba Pyramid images of 3d by D. Clarke 2003




North America Pyramids -

My page of Sykes's Pyramid Rock info.

1. Site about Rock Lake Pyramids of  Wisconsin to western N. America

2. Site of the Citadel Mound in Mid-West N. America-posted by usatlantis

3. Monk Mound Illinois and many other mounds in North America just lookup mounds state parks of  So many just can't list them all here

4. Pyramids in the West?


Central America Pyramids-

My page of Sykes's on Aztlan lost Pyramids-

1. Maya Astronomy

2. Atlantis in Mexico

4. Maya pyramid pictures and sites

5. Maya site

5.a more maya photos of pyramids






5g.    photos

5h.  panoramas


6. Mexico Great Pyramid-Teotihuacan

7. Teotihuacan again

8. Photos of many in Mexico

many more

Teotihuacan had Maya influences found in the Moon Temple complex

Zapoteca Pyramids

Monte Alban

Oaxacan Coast


Hindu influences on Mexico-Maya


Atlantis in Mexico?



South America Pyramids-

My webpage of Sykes's  Titicaca Temples    about mountain glyphs of catus     of Sacsayhuaman pyramids

1. Tiwanaku

2. The Muribecca Pyramids remnants of Atlantis?

3. Lost realm of the Paititi or 12 pyramids?

4. more pyramids of Peru's     My Email

'ultima' Celestial Archeo-Astronomy sites                         

Prehistoric Art, Rock Art






Arte Preistorica






Paleoastronomy, Archaeastronomy, Ethnoastronomy


Société Européenne pour l’astronomie dans la culture / European Socitey for Astronomy in Culture



The Center for Archaeoastronomy (USA)



The INSAP (Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena) Conferences



Archaeoastronomical Images. Clive Ruggles p.p. (United Kingdom)



Intijalsu Group (Chile)



History of Astronomy (Bonn, Germany): Items: Archaeoastronomy, Ancient Astronomy and Ethnoastronom






HASTRO-L: The History of Astronomy Discussion Group



The Journal for the History of Astronomy



Archaeoastronomy Journal for the History of Astronomy






Culture and Cosmos: A Journal of the History of Astrology and Cultural Astronomy



Archaeoastronomy: the Journal of Astronomy in Culture



Astronomie in Japan (also Archeoastronomy, Ethnoastronomie)



Oxford VI Conference on "Astronomy and Cultural Diversity"



The Oxford Conferences



The International Astronomy Union Commission 41 (History of Astronomy)



The North American Sun Dial Association












Anthropology in the News (Anthropology at Texas A & M)






History of Science






History of Science Links (Dr Robert A. Hatch - University of Florida)



The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive






Symbolics, Mythology






Society for the Scientific Investigation of Symbols






Other interesting sites



Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias Homepage




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Amazon (international)


Barnes & Noble


CATALOGUE de la Librairie Archéos Spécialisée en Préhistoire


Zentrales Verzeichnis antiquarischer Bücher (ZVAB)




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A search made by Google


A large overview given by Columbia University Library


A large overview given by UT LIbrary online (University of Austin)


Libraries with Electronic Books


Online Buecher - Electronic Books


The Open University




Some other URL's




ABU: la Bibliothèque Universelle


Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts


Athena's Texts related to the History of Science


Avesta - Zoroastrian Archives


Bavarian Academy of Sciences


Berlin-Brandenburgische Academy of Sciences (previous Preussische Academy of Sciences)


Bibliothèk Paul-Émile-Boulet (Université du Québec á Chicouimi)


Classic Bookshelf


Cornell University Library Historical Math Monographs


Duke Papyrus Archive


ETANA (Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives)


EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents From Western Europe


Gallica, bibliothèque numérique de la Bibliothèque nationale


Internet Sacred Texts Archive


Islamic Thought's


Mathematics on the Web


Patrologia Latina


Project Libellus


Pôle International de la Préhistoire (Bibliothèque numérique)


Project Gutenberg


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