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Odd Happenings in the Pyramid of Chephren, By E. Sykes

The Times of London for July 26th (1969) carries a report by John Tunstall from Cairo on the peculiar results obtained by Dr. Luis Alvarez and his research team in investigating the interior structure of the Pyramid of Chephren (The Second Pyramid) with the aid of Cosmic Ray Detectors. Over a million dollars and thousands of man hours have been spent on the project, including the provision of an IBM 1130 Computer which was handed over to the El Shams (presumably the ex Fouad) University of Cairo earlier this year. Hundreds of recordings of Cosmic Rays were taken, the idea being that there would be a somewhat greater intensity when they had to pass through hollow spaces within the structure, thus giving the probable outline and position of any hidden chambers. The outline of the Pyramid and its shape came out quite well. However what has happened is that the tape recording for any one particular day differ markedly from those for the subsequent day, which defies all the known laws of science and electronics to quote the words of Dr. Amr Gohed, who is currently in charge of the installation. When asked the reason for this he replied: "Either the geometry of the Pyramid is in substantial error, which would affect our readings, or there is a mystery which is beyond explanation, the curse of the Pharaohs, sorcery, or magic, there is some force which defies the laws of science in the Pyramid!" The times correspondent found this explanation unsatisfactory, and so do I although possibly not for the same reasons. Practically nothing keeps off Cosmic Rays which have an immense penetrating power. For there to be a variation in the daily readings, allowing for such freaks of nature involving a sudden change in the intensity, there would have to be something in or near the Pyramid capable of canceling out the Cosmic Ray pattern. Bearing in mind that the whole pyramid complex is connected by a network of underground tunnels, one is inclined to wonder whether the builders, having in view the protection of whatever they had placed there, arranged for the variable Cosmic Ray barrier. This might consist of any substance having the power of refracting these rays. The variations in daily reading recorded above might be due to some minor factor such as the passage of the earth round the sun. A point worthwhile remarking is the strange insistence of the investigating team in picking the Second Pyramid instead of the first, where they could have installed their equipment at the bottom of the pit, some 345 feet from the entrance, where it would not have been any inconvenience to visitors-who are never allowed there -and might have given better results. What seems reasonably certain is that neither of the Great Pyramids were built by the rulers whose names they bear, they all date back to a much earlier period, as suggested by Prof. Kamienski in his article, between BC 12,000 and BC 11,000, the Vernal Point having been in Virgo about then. E.S. 1969

Webmaster Note- One factoid is at one time there was not a battle and most agreed Atlantis was in the region of the Atlantic prior to the 1700's AD, next article shows the progression of what changed and pressure from tourism issues and utopia-paradise campaigns.

The Battle for Atlantis, By E. Sykes 1969 cont. (A insider view as to what the Greek-Crete on Atlantis view was as opposed to the Atlantic view or other views of Atlantis in Europe and American models of subject)

As readers are well aware the entire Atlantis concept is now split between two warring factions: Those who have climbed on the Greek bandwaggon and are backing the idea that Thera/ Santorin and Minoan Crete were the original atlantis, and that both Solon and Plato were either liars or ignorant deceivers and their opponetns who feel Atlantis lay exactly where Plato said it did, i.e. beyond the Pillars of Hercules. The other day on BBC 2, I had the pleasure of completely demolishing the ideas of Dr. Mavor, author of a recent book supporting the Greek theory, but there is still no lack of Richmonds in the field, new pro greek books are coming out in profusion. The fact that the whole move is a political one having no relationship to either science or history, appears to have escaped most of the enthusiasts, whose judgement may also have been affected by the fact that according to the London Times for the 15th of September, which devoted a conference in Athens, Crete, and Santorin, to which all supporters of their cause have been invited. There are quite a lot of people on the East Coast who think that Atlantis was not a Meditteranean Island, are they prepared to do anything about it? This implies a conference somehwere between Miami and Virginia Beach, to which the ranking European experts such as Dr. rene Malaise, Dr. Nils Odhner, Dr. Hans Pettersson, Dr. M. Kamienski, Dr. N. Th. Zhirov, and others are invited to state their case. But this implies adequate television, radio, press and general interest coverage to enable everybody to put over their ideas. Apart from the East Coast there is an immense amount of Atlantis material on the Azores: Santa Maria, St. Miguel and, possibly, Corvo. Should it be decided to hold part of the conference here, I think I could promise adequate support and facilities from the Portuguese authorities. I am quite prepared to handle the European end, but the American end must be undertaken by a new group, say "The Atlantis Defence Committee" which could co- ordinate all the parties concerned. I wonder if Margaret Sanders Adams would be interested in organising this? The European end I can handle with th aid of Marguerite Barbrook on the mainland, and Leslie Young and Isabelle Kahn in Britain. If my American friends are really interested, the ball is now in their court. To make matters really interesting Dr. Galenoupolos and a couple of his camp should be invited along. In that case the CBS or one of the other major networks, plus BBC might be interested. When the battle has been won the Committee might turn to the problem of Pre Columbian visitors to America who were not Viking, this simply because the Viking cause has already been estimated. E.S. 1969

From the Webmaster -Well E. Sykes dream has now come true I have now declared the "Atlantis Defense Committee" is now formed in America, and I am the director of the American version as of this day July 28th, 2002 . The purpose of this committee is the defense of the Atlantis question as pertaining Atlantis not being a Mediterranean Island but purely a Atlantic and Caribbean to the Canary Islands concept not to mention its extension from the Azores, Cape Verde, or Bermuda all the way to Barbados. Yes we will look at Crete information but do not expect us to look at it without grave reservations, for Crete is to late on the seen and Plato specifies under no terms that it is a world at the end of an Ice Age circumstance not a Black Sea, or Crete period eruption or flooding based on 9,000 lunar years at least on back of Atlantis endings. This means before 300 BC plus at least 8,000 years on back or before 8,300 B.C. Not even the Cyclades showed any signs of a substantial advancement in culture before this time. Plato got his date correct even transcribed because it would be certain Solon would have asked many questions as to the actual calculations of transferring date by Greek equivalence to what the Egyptians really meant in regards to time. The Egyptians used pentades system of time in sources of 5's they marked every Dekan i.e. declination in intervals of 5's then 10's for the night sky. There are some indications they used the number 7 in the beginning. So adjusting that information in herstory not history it would seem that if it was that long ago we might even have to push back by a increment of 2 over the 5 to get a date even the Egyptians forgot or miscalculated of their own ancient measurements. This would add another 2,000 years before 9,600 B.C. i.e. 11,400 B.C. Is it possible that Greeks from the Egyptians did not over shoot the date but under shot it by Egyptians using Denderah numbers when they should have used Pre-Dynastic Edfu and Sais numbers. On this it is hard to say, but I am sure that the Egyptian story was older then the 9,600 BC inundation and in a way the two inundation's overlapped in information over time. This means the Codex Solon looked at was a combined list and not singular on Atlantis which even counting back the entire list of Priest names back to just after the flood by intervals of 30 years per priest one could conclude very closely a median date, that is if it does not overlap, of when the said event occurred. That is the clue Plato leaves us because he states Solon saw the priest itinerary's of lineage and successions as linear, and not otherwise. This I believe sets aside the Greek argument fairly well since it is to bad Solon mentioned seeing them for their sake, it just makes it another problem for them to solve. The second problem for the Crete model is why would a culture of the Greeks and Egyptians obsessed with time measurement neglect heritage as related to measuring events not as just time markers but using the stars to sequence when the events happened as a back up. It would be logical to not want to forget when the last major catastrophe occurred, and stars are most stable and alienable based on degree and declinational changes over time. If they knew it happened when processional equinox of the zodiac was in this certain sign, and if the pole moved to and adjacent star they would so mark it. This means that if Solon adapts it to Greek he means it and so if a Crete scholar wants to put down Greek Math as to short or inferior that’s fine, but they better take a very close look at the Greek meter and look at what differences there is in that over time on megalithic and linguistic evidence before they make that kind of a conclusion because at one time Greeks had a 13th month called Ophicus as well i.e. do we need to add now another lunar month to the greek calendar which would only make the calculation go even further back then 1,400 B.C.. This is why the argument about if Solon calculated the date right is definitely the wrong track by those who do not study Greek Calenderical systems, or the Greek or even Crete cosmogony. It is sad they try to alter in arguments that take them nowhere. It would be better to see if Akhenaten was Oedipus and moved to Greece in a period near Crete's destruction of Thera parallel then it being a Atlantis question, because nowhere does Plato include Oedipus in this equation, and being a post Homer writer why did he not if it was Thera? Nor did Plato mention a name like Ramses in connection to a king after the Atlantis destruction well known enough to the Hebrews of his day, which only occurred 800 years in Egypt before Plato's time. And how about that Atlantean War with Athens, when was that? It would have to be before Thera blew up, and you no sooner give Plato credit for that but judge Solon's dating system? How come it is not according to Crete scholars it is not the battle at Sea between the Phoenicians and Ramses? It was important enough for Ramses to brag about at Medinet Habu pictures of the battle and inscriptions. But this is after the event of Thera not before it? You would think the Mycenians would have bragged about the sacking of Crete why would they have called it even Atlantis, unless it was some strange parallel memory? Also, nothing in the weaponry of the Atlantis battle of Plato is revealed as Bronze Age distinguished. We are also told the Athenians were outnumbered and out armored as if they were almost barely cultured Barbarians in some local miners uprising. This is not the state of Greece at Athens at 1,400 BC they had a population that would decimate any invasion based on population at that time, Plato states if were not for the sinking of Atlantis they would have lost, clearly. So, according to the Priests in Egypt saying to Solon, in so many words , You Greeks are but children when it comes to the history of your country, which I do not think refers to something that happened 600 years before Solons time. Otherwise he would have restated 'You Greeks are ignorant of your great, great, great, great grandfathers memory 4 times' and children is far more insulting then this. It means you can't even keep a record of prehistoric lineage, which as 'children' as in 'children of the sun' or some clan lost to iniquity. No reason to bring up a period of grandpa, when your children forgot his folklore's and myths, because they were that old in their origins. This means the battle was not 600 years before Solon, it was thousands of years before him…………. We conclude that Athens not Mycene is an older founded city or settlement, and under all of its rubble is a culture that would be likened to Harpooners and Sheep herders who had some affinities to Gerza or Pre Gerza Egypt as the Priests of Egypt said so……… I apologize for no direct quotes just wanted you all to get the gist of the Atlantis problem. These conclusions I put forward before the discovery that I am correct about this aspect and first noted some of the points needed to be made about Crete-Greek arguments. Also, if they want to prove Atlantis not being in Thera it would be better if they looked at Rhodes one of the 7 wonders of the world which had concentric harbors and a Goliath statue of a early Apollo. Which again makes Crete-Thera look dormant.

Underwater Structures off Bimini and Andros, E. Sykes 1969 cont.



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