Atlantis Atlan Atlantean Research Journal ATLANTIS WebRing MY BOOKS are on AMAZON/KINDLE OF MYSTERY STUDIES ON DIFFUSION OF CULTURE and LANGUAGE OF EGYPTIAN and BASQUE TYPE PLUS MORE-TITLES on Kindle Books 1. Archaeo-Astronometria, The Argo Mystery, 2.Archaeo Astronometria Part 2 Celestial Myths,3. The Mystery Of Gobekli Tepi,4.Glyphicus PDF a software book on Kindle can be converted to .PDF to put in Adobe Acrobat DC to copy and paste Hieroglyphs,5. The Masmet(Masma) Cultures:: France, Oregon, and Peru. 6. Ancient Egyptians and Basques in England with 3 volumes can by each volumn separately 7.Ethiopian Tribal List of Egyptian Pharonic King Names-The Potential Lost Fragments of Egyptian Ruler List:, 8.Explanation of Tomb 16 Layout and Ritual Placement of Hieraconpolis 5,600 BC Burial, 9.Ramses In America 1,190 B.C, 10.The Glozel Tablet,11. The Moonglow Essays, 12. The Before-Dark Essays, 13. The Everglade Essays, 14.Paleolithic Folktales: France, Cave Grotto de Cosquer: Stories of Seals and Mermaids Stories of the Seal Mermaid Image,15.Troy, The City:: Historical Geography and Onomatological Study of the origin of its Place Names and Deities.16. Oak Island Riddle and a Oak Island Riddle Part II, 17. Egyptian Way Stations in England

My Perspective on the recent Tsunami Tragedy 2004-2005. 

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Clarke's Consulting and Art put on TV, The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Channel coming up Jan. 19th, 2005 at 10:00 PM and rebroad. at 1:00 AM  called 'Naked Science' series as 'Atlantis' check local this text to see art and thumbnails

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