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From the Russian Atlantology Researcher -Alexander Voronin  President of Russian society on studying of the problems of Atlantis (ROIPA)  

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The I letter I have put on line with the help of  A. Voronin was to show what in Russia they have noted about and working on the furthering of public information on the Atlantis proofs and or issues within their own country, and in a friendly show of support to the Old World views of Atlantis compared to our New World views this has been put online for those to review about new leads in Atlantis Research. This communication has been occurring for 2 years for this letter to be received due to limited translation access but finally the big story from Russia has come about the 3 to 4 centuries of Russian interest about the Atlantis Myth and Legend or potential real history. Most do not know that in Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, and North Africa great works written about Atlantis have been ongoing for at least 4 to 3 Centuries and now here is the Russian version of what they have contributed to this subject. I do not mean to not include works of Greece, Crete, Egypt, Israel, Middle East, Asia Minor, or Persia as not monumental in historical work about Atlantis they have all indeed given extremely important parameters in how, when, why, and where questions i.e. to look for that lost realm. The information on Atlantis all should know involve some of the rarest resource information in the world about that subject for many reasons. The main one is that when speaking about something that occurred say from 100,000 to 600 BC of a completely lost Continent or scattered to almost non-recognition it has taken 100 years of archaeology just to even establish any plausibility and with out those researcher plugging away we all would be up in arms and never even ask the question of Atlantis with our heads in the sand. Proof is not in the proving of the said existence of Atlantis as much as it is the journey of the search of its possibility until all information is in or final to establish whether or not it did exist. This is why skeptics are welcomed along with other researchers because any question can be a good question usually not wasted completely or just cast to the side. Although the information below maybe in some limited cases controversial about the Governments of both USA and Russia having a little to much to not say about the subject of Atlantis yet seemingly to be keenly interested about the subject when it literally shows up in artifacts, yet in their posture remains low profile to the public. I think the letter is somewhat warranted in some of those controversial comments by Voronin in light of past history of many Governments reactions ranging from overly cool to hostile reactions about the subject of Atlantis as considered to many atlantologist a fairly irrational response in light of goofy propaganda attempts they sometimes make when something big for historical purposes is found. Remember if you control the worlds history you control the world is maybe what they think but does not sound like a very spiritual credo to me! Truth is a funny thing it depends on how it is used and how it is to help the world essentially, but if the world has dumb people in powerful positions no one do I think could get out of the low IQ tele-garbage that they constantly hit the airwaves with of incorrect propaganda on behalf of any of the worlds true history of ancient man. Maybe Edgar Cayce,  E.P.Blavatskaya, Rudolph Stiener, E. Sykes, Dr. Zhirov and Heinrich Schlimann beat all the world to this historical point for a spiritual reason?                         

 The carpet rug my friends on the floor is lumpy with weird arti-facts underneath it do not let them tell you ever otherwise, less it be some others power and ego alone that tells you otherwise! Also, the website does not disagree nor agree with any opinions put forward in the letter below but we do feel it is considered highly important information about Atlantis research and indebted to A. Voronin as well done research.                         The World of Atlantology is exceedingly proud!


Dear   Dean!

                                        I send to you material for publication.

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                                        Voronin Alex.

                Alexander Voronin

    The development of Russian atlantology and the problem of Atlantis

    First about atlantology as a science  the famous Russian scientist and atlantologist Nikolay Feodosyevich Zhirov spoke (1903-1970). In 1964 his famous book “Atlantis. The major problems of atlantology” was published where the scientist formulated it’s principles and methods. According to his words atlantology as a science may be considered as one of the parts of biogeography of the modern Quarternary period (antropogen) of geological history of Earth and of that very part of it which dates chronologically to the time of formation of homo sapiens, time spontaneously preceding to our historical epoch starting from the last glaciery.
    Studying this problem it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors: geological, paleobiological, comparative mythology. The task of scientific atlantology, as N.F. Zhirov writes to reveal the truth which is contained in different historical sources and myths, and among them in Plato’s story, and to find the corroborative facts and thoughts in the dataset received from different scientific disciplines. For the solution of these tasks atlantology attracts widely a lot of sciences: geology, archeology, oceanology, history, astronomy, astrophysics, antropology, etnography, mathematics, geophysics, volcanology and a lot of others.
    Russian atlantology starts from the middle of 18th century. Lomonosov at first mentions Atlantis in his works “The letter about earthquakes” (Spb.1756) and “The word of birth of the metals from the shaking of the earth” (Spb.1757). In 1760-1761 Lomonosov started a big epic poem “Peter the Great”. There he describes the march of Peter to the north. The great poet used northern Russian, Cholmogor and Solovetsk chronicles. One of the finest passages in poem- the description of Neptune palace in the northern waters. May be, Lomonosov knew some features of ancient Hyperborean continent in Northern ocean? He places the chambers and the throne of tsar in the valley between high stony mountains which resemble so much to the famous relief of the capital of Atlantis!
    The idea of ancient culture was originally developed by the other famous Russian poet Vasiliy Kapnist (1758-1823) in “Short search about hyperboreans” (1815). In the article Kapnist puts a question about origin of Slavs and about ancient sources of Russian art and poetry. He thought that the ancestors of Slavs were Hyperboreans and the last ones in their turn borrowed all their scientific and technical achievements, inventions, knowledge from Atlanteans.
    Russian poets Nikolay Kluev and Alexander Block describe underwater Diamond Ice City- spiritual center of Russian Old Belief and also the symbolic ascent to snowy mountains in the North searching for God. The rich folklore tradition, legends of many nations of Europe and Asia tell about northern Aryan Motherland where Golden Age reigned.
    In Russia there was their own Atlantis- White Waters. White Waters- concealed Russian idea, which was met at old-believers, wanderers, holy country in the East, the place of fulfillment of cherished human wishes where the holy wise and just men live who kept thoroughly spiritual knowledge and true faith.
    Slavic nations of Ancient Rus have their own giants. Most likely, Rus was one of the northern colonies and lands of Hyperborea- Atlantis. The image of Sviatogor- the hero of Russian bylinas, the giant-bogatyr is provided with the same features as well as ancient Greek Atlant. In one of bylinas Sviatogor is trying to raise the bag with “the strength of the Earth” but sinks himself up to his knees into Earth. Zlatogorka, the daughter of Sviatogor lives somewhere behind the sea in Latyn (Altyn, Alatyr) kingdom, which is understood as Atlantis. Exactly Slavic legends tell us about the perished once great ancient land of Veles- Sviatogor- Dazhbog.
    In the first half of 19th century Avraam Norov made an attempt of scientific search of Atlantis in Mediterranean region resting upon  Arabian and Greek sources difficult of access.
    The greatest role in creation of occult legend about Atlantis was played by our fellow Atlantis patriot E.P.Blavatskaya whose monumental works “Disrobed Isis” (1877) and “Secret Doctrine” (1888) promoted further studying and spreading of esoteric heritage, including clairvoyance, telepathy, psychometry, channeling which gave to the world new data about island of Poseidonis.
    V.Briusov, K.Balmont, M.Menshikov, A.Bragin everybody by their own way describe the searches of Atlantis and even finds of this mysterious land. The anthology for the first time publishes the unknown still atlantological biographies of Vasily Kapnist (1758-1823), Avraam Norov (1795-1869), Helen Blavatskaya (1831-1891), Michail Menshikov (1859-1918), Vladimir Bogachev (1881-1965), Ignatius Donnelly (1831-1901) and other leading atlantologists doing justice to brave flight of thought and great courage to speak with scientific language about mythical country.
    In Soviet times in 1964 the capital work of N. Zhirov “Atlantis.The major problems of atlantology” was published. Till recent time  the book of Ignatius Donnelly “Atlantis. The antediluvian world” (1882) was considered the most fundamental. Russian scientist and atlantologist gathered great amount of material which nobody could gather before him. Zhirov analyzes thoroughly the legend of Plato about Atlantis basing on the newest data in geology, oceanology and also on the latest researches of Atlantic bottom. The scientist believes in Atlantis of the bronze epoch, in developed civilization on the big vanished island in Atlantic ocean.
    According to Zhirov, Atlantis included the area of North-Atlantic ridge right up to Romansh gutter including Azores plateau. Atlantis presented by itself a long continent consisting of three major parts: northern island on the base of Azores plateau- Poseidonida or Azorida, southern island of Antilia and Equatorial archipelago, the remains of which are the rocks of the island of San-Paulu. The scientist thought that the reason of destruction of Atlantis was natural tectonic process.
    The main inundation of Atlantis by this way consisted of two stages. The first apparently took place between 13 and 10 millenniums B.C., and the second, the most considerable,- between 9000 and 8000 B.C. The last remains of once vast territory of Atlantis sank already in 6 cent. B.C.
    In the last decades a great attention to the questions of Atlantis was paid by the scientist and writer, one of the eminent Russian atlantologists Vladimir Scherbakov. Scherbakov thinks that there existed two Atlanticas in different geographical regions: the first one ( in fact Atlantis of Plato)- in Atlantic, and the second one- Eastern Atlantis- included in itself the most ancient cities of Asia Minor and Mediterranean. The scientist affirms that Eastern Atlantis was founded by migrants from metropoly (Atlantis of Plato) before world catastrophe.
    Exactly from these regions: Frakia and Asia Minor went to their future Motherland the ancestors of European nations, among them the ancestors of  Slavs and Germans who created Asgard. The eastern path of veneds-atlanteans is described in the book of Scherbakov “Asgard- the city of gods” (1991).
    V.Scherbakov identified the ruins of ancient temples and buildings of Parphia epoch in Kopetdag (present Turkmenistan) with chambers of Asgard. In “Senior Edda” it is said about celestial city of Asgard and in “Earthly Circle” Snorry Sturluson writes about earthly Asgard, the dwelling of the gods-  ases.
    In May 1989 TASS published an official report about discovery by the scientist of Asgard, the city of Scandinavian gods. For this discovery Scherbakov was elected an academician of humanities department of International academy of informatisation and was awarded with the big silver medal. For working out of the topic of Asgard and for the book “Searching for Atlantis” (1986) created jointly with Jack-Yve Cousteau the scientist was confered on the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Brusseles).
    Member of Russian Academy of cosmonautics of K.E. Tsiolkovsky, the State prize of USSR winner Alim Voitsechovsky is an author of several books and brochures, devoted to the problems of world and home cosmonautics and atlantology. In the book “The Mysteries of Atlantis” (2000) Voitsechovsky stated his own vision of the destruction of Atlantis. The cosmic body which accompanied Galley comet, or “knocked out” by it from the points of Lagrange in the system “Earth- Moon”, with diameter of some kilometers and weight of more than hundred millions tons, moving with the speed about 30 km/sec, collided with Earth in the region of notorious Bermuda triangle. It happened in 11542 B.C. In the result of global cataclysm the high- developed human civilization which Plato called “Atlantis”, was wiped off the face of the earth.
    The author of the present article is occupied with the problem of Atlantis for many years. In my program work “The Owners of Ogenon. The Mythology of Atlantis” (“Atlantis: problems, searches, hypotheses”, 1999, 2001-2002, issues 1-3) I managed to choose from the great amount of the myths, legends such that point directly to Atlantis and other civilizations. If the legend about Atlantis, told by Plato, existed, it had to be come down from father to son in the form of genealogical schemes, behind which the historical reality and memory of humanity are standing, hidden in the deepest layers of “collective unconscious”. Practically oral transmission of information is much more reliable than written one, because the language may change. Any priest could tell about this surprising civilization so that he could be understood in any country of the world, no matter what language in this time people used. That’s why the knowledge was transmitted through secret societies, religious cults and, surely, through myths and legends. So, it was the most ancient civilization on Earth, the real name of which only Initiated know.
       Valuable source for research of Atlantis problems is genealogical and structural model of myphologema. It was developed in the 70s by A. Lord. According to “Lord’s structure" genealogical and structural model of myphologema (or symbolic field) do not allow to chose arbitrarily an appropriate ethymology of myphologema  for effective but apocryphal typological reconstruction. As the result  a whole system-bloc of ethymology making look deeper in the history of the development of myths in the definite sector of genealogical tree begins to play an important role but not the ethymology of  separate names.
        This system is the ancient complex of myphologema connected with doctors-koribants and  marine strangers whose native country fell into chasm. The existence of  stories of the country that fell into chasm is confirmed by the Texts of Pyramids. This ancient Egyptian country is called Osek – sk “which fell into the chasm”.  According to philologist A.Kifishin it was this country that we could connect with the Greece Atlantis – the prospering country and that also fell into chasm. In any case it is a very steady myphologema.
    In the book “The Owners of Ogenon. The Mythology of Atlantis” I determined mythological and genealogical schemes and tables of gods, heroes and historical persons, who had immediate attitude to the kingdom of Atlanteans and their hidden treasuries. Here are some persons: Sanchuniaton, Solomon, Queen of Sav, Fales, Filolay, Ferekid, Piphagor, Socrates, Gelon of Syracuse, Pindar, Aristotle, Xenocrat, Xenophont, Theopomp, Cyrus the Great, Cambiz, Mita (Midas), Alexander Macedonian, Nonn Panopolitanian, Dzeno brothers, Valeri Briusov, Apollinarii Michailov and his son Michail.
    The book is devoted to old Russian noble family of Michailovs, which kept folklore report about greatest treasuries of antiquity, as if hidden on the island of Crete. With the help of historical-mythological and genealogical searches I connected these holy relics with Atlantis, and for the first time defined the place of their being. It is determined that the most of the treasuries belonged to the descendants of Tantal and Pelops, owning the attributes of tsar and magic power over people. Tantalides and Pelopides had distinctive sign on their bodies which pointed to their “marine origin”. In my work I advanced the conception of “multitude of lands-Atlantides”, scattered in the past on all planet. Many of them were placed on islands, continental shelves, coastal countries of America, Africa, Antarctida and Eurasia. This conception presupposes the existence in the ancient times of the original civilization. But real, first name of this culture is unknown to us, it changed every time, conforming to local conditions of origin and development of it on different parts of our planet. That’s why, following Plato tradition, we will call this culture- the culture of Atlanteans. The descendants of Atlant, according to Diodorus, as it is known, were the forefathers of the most part of the humanity.
    To my mind, geographically such civilization divided on principal island kingdoms of Atlanteans (with the central island state Poseidonis), auxiliary kingdoms- island, shelf and continental, and, in fact, colonies, also island, shelf and continental. A number of them may be not limited.
    Gram Hancock found “the traces of gods” on all the world, revealing ancient connections between outwardly not connected with each other civilizations. Hancock thinks that new discovery of archeologists will support his theory about complex of civilizations, which existed in glacial period, but were washed away, when the ice started melting, inundating more than 27 million of square km of dry land. In his time Charles Hapgood told that in the times of the last glaciery on Earth a developed civilization with substantial knowledge about our planet existed. It’s cartographers “made a survey of practically all the Globe with equally high technical level, same methodic, equal mathematical knowledge and, probably, using the same devices”.
    Esoteric tradition as if confirms the words of Plato. Theosophist (among them E.P. Blavatskaya) tell us about four ancient continents, periodically disappearing after every cataclysm on Earth. These are Indestructible Holy Country, Hyperborea, Lemuria and Atlantis. In remote times Atlantis, according to Blavatskaya, represented a huge archipelago, consisting of  “accumulation of many islands and peninsulas”.
    In the book “The Owners of Ogenon. The Mythology of Atlantis” to support the conception of “multitude of the lands- Atlantides” I adduce rather rare document with the name “The Tree of Atlantis”. This is a manuscript of the middle of 1950-s of unknown Russian adherent who was a member of one Moscow societies of Rose and Cross. The manuscript was in a library of Michail Michailov, the last representative of old noble family, and according to his words was based on unknown source of the end of 18th-  beginning of 19th centuries. In this document “the golden tree of Atlantis” is described which once stood in a beautiful garden on one of the islands of Azores archipelago. It stands near a high mountain, it’s roots stretch to The Underground kingdom, the top reaches heaven (Heaven’s kingdom). The mysterious tree resembles to us real “metal golden garden” in Kusco. It was beautiful panorama of one of ministerial ceremonies in Atlantis. Two ceremonies of Atlanteans were depicted in his time by Mickle Scott in 12th century. In one of the rites according to Scott a huge model of the country of Atlantis with all it’s topographical peculiarities was constructed. May be, golden tree depicted by us stood there. At the special model it’s branches stretched through oceans to all continents, and “countless leaves” depicted human races, nations etc. Most likely it is one of the most ancient geographical maps, similar to those which we see at Homer, Anaximandr, Hekatey.
    It is striking but here non traditional point of view to the problem of Atlantis is shown to which everybody got used. Most likely, the unknown adherent based on the conclusions of Blavatskaya  that Atlantis is not only geographical point but also a certain stage of development of life on Earth. But, may be it was another source.
    In her time Blavatskaya was guided by esoteric sources (Rose and Cross, mason etc.), knowledge picked up from “Chronicles of Acasha”, and also had direct contact with highest representatives of White Gimalayan Brotherhood. To my mind the author of “The Tree of Atlantis” used some unknown to us source of Rose and Cross or other which circulated in that time in Moscow esoteric circles.
    Now we can say with evident certainty that in Russia and in USSR there existed a definite closed circle of esoterics which was occupied directly by the problem of Atlantis. Especially demonstrative here is Moscow Knights Templars, spiritual predecessors of Rose and Cross and later mystical societies, consisting of “Order of Light”, “Order of Spirit”, Rose and Cross etc. One of such orders was found in 1920 in Moscow and destroyed in the end of 1930s.
    The theme of “Atlantis” is present in creative work and esoteric searches of Russian writers and poets, Symbolists of Rose and Cross in the beginning of 20th century. Atlantologist and specialist in study of literature Georgi Nefediev, specialist on the literature of Silver Age, traces back the possible relationships of Atlantis and brotherhood of Rose ad Cross. His work is based on archives searches of Andrei Bely, Viatcheslav Ivanov, Anna Minzlova and other Russian thinkers. Nefediev thinks that studying of creation and biographies of writers and poets- Russian symbolists, who wrote about Atlantis, may lead to unexpected conclusions, relating  as to legendary country itself as to reconstruction of esoteric history of humanity.
    The works of Russian atlantologists: V. Scherbakov, A.Kondratov, A.Gorodnitsky, E,Milanovsky, I.Rezanov, D.Panchenko, V.Kudriavtsev, A.Asov, V.Demin, A.Voitsechovsky, A.Voronin, G.Nefediev, A.Vagabov, V.Pachomov, Y.Linnik, V.Burachovich, G.Makarov, A.Rybin and others let to approach to the solution of centuries-old mystery-myth.
    During the last years Russian atlantologists made more active noticeably. Since 1999 in Moscow the anthology “Atlantis: problems, searches, hypotheses”- first Russian periodical edition, specially devoted to Atlantis and major problems of atlantology,is published. In this edition all points of view, as traditional, as non-traditional are presented. The anthology acquaints the reader with new discoveries in the sphere of ancient archaeology and history, brave hypotheses, rare archive materials about Russian and foreign atlantologists, or famous cultural workers, who by any way dealt in their works with the questions of Atlantis.
    The anthology tells about unknown pages of home atlantology. Russia enriched the world image of Atlantis by the great names: Michail Lomonosov, Helen Blavatskaya, Nickolay Rerich, Helen Rerich, Dmitry Merezhkovsky, Valery Briusov, Konstantin Balmont, Velimir Chlebnikov, Vasily Rozanov, Viatcheslav Ivanov, Alexey Tolstoy, Alexandr Belyayev, Georgy Golochvastov. We tried to deal with unstudied till the end layer of Russian culture connected wit esoteric knowledge of ancient civilizations on Earth. On the pages of this edition it is possible to acquaint with creation of forgotten today Russian atlantologists and also cultural workers, by any way connected with Atlantis: Avraam Norov, Vasily Kapnist, Michail Menschikov, Vladimir Bogachev, Nickolay Zhirov, Alexandr Aseev, Alexandr Bragin and many others.
    In the frames of anthology the only in Russia and countries of CIS Museum of Atlantis of N.F.Zhirov is created. Museum owns a voluminous library of the books in Russian and other materials, devoted to Atlantis. Here the books, manuscripts, photos from family archive and other things belonging to eminent Soviet scientist and atlantologist Nickolay Feodosievich Zhirov are kept solicitously.
    Atlantis was placed in any place. It is simpler to show the place where it was not placed. The numerous analogies in the culture of different people, especially of America, Africa and Eurasia , gathered by Donnelly, Zhirov, Heyerdal, Hancock and other investigators, show, that major kingdoms of Atlanteans and mastered by them colonies were scattered on all the world. Taking into account the dataset of paleobotany and paleozoology it is possible to explain connections between flora and fauna of Old and New Worlds.
    Here major kingdoms may mean some first centers of development of Atlantean human race which started to spread over Earth further. During some decades scientists were sure that ancient man appeared in the regions of Eastern or Southern Africa, because exactly there the remains of the first anthropoids were found. And already then according to investigators the man started migration to Asia and Europe.
    However recent archaeological finds in Thailand shook this confidence. Found in the province of Lampang (510 km from Bangkok) remains of homo erectus were dated by earlier period: about 20-25 mln. years ago. This hypothesis appeared at first in the time when analogous remains were found on the island of Yava in Indonesia and in the foothills of Caucasus. Now hypothesis got a serious confirmation in Thailand burials.
    The last researches of the remains of anthropoids from different parts of the world showed that all main races of people: European, Negro-Australian and Mongolian developed independently and had different ancestors. These results- the last proof of the scientific controversy of the theories of origin of the modern Homo Sapiens.
    This confirms surprising sagacity of  H.Blavatsaya who asserted in 19th century that every human race is born at seven zones or Appanages in different parts of the planet. Probably, the general theory has more reasons for development that really already several directions of human races developed which periodically seldom crossed with each other. One of such races could be the race of Atlanteans.
    For today the most perspective regions for the searches for Atlantis are: Northern, Central and Southern Americas, the Antarctic, the Arctic, the island of San-Paulu, Cuban and Bahamas areas of water, Bermuda triangle, Bermuda, Azores, Canary islands, the island of Madeira, the islands of Green Cape and Selvazhensh, underwater archipelago of Horseshoe, Celtic shelf, the coast of Spain, the mouth of Gibraltar, the north of Europe and Russia, Atlas region and Tritonida (Northern Arica), Nigeria, Sicily, Malta, Crete, and Santorin.
    In the book “The Gates of  Atlantis” Andrew Collins considers in details the variants of translation of the dialogues of Plato. In them it is told that the kings of Atlantis (ten sons of Poseidon) had the power “over other islands and regions of the opposite continent”. The descendants of Poseidon “reigned as princes of countless islands in the ocean, besides their own”. That’s why the kingdom of Atlanteans was not a united island massif, but a vast number of islands.
    The colonies of white race (Arians, Greeks, Celts, Goths, Slavs and others) according to Donnelly, were created by Atlanteans on the northern shores of Europe. He tells about numerous colonies of Atlanteans: Central American, Northern American, Egyptian, Iberian, African, Ireland, Arian etc.
    Collins, for example, considers that Cuba, Haiti and Puerto-Rico once were the parts of  Atlantis. As far back as in 1950s in Cuban coastal waters the remains of cyclopean constructions were seen. In press there appeared the essays about some complex of underwater buildings with area in four hectares to the north from Cuba. Collins writes guardedly that according to  data which are not confirmed in this “complex of buildings” there were held investigations with the help of Soviet submarine. This story could be incredible but fact remains: after that the publication followed of the book of Soviet scientist and atlantologist N.F. Zhirov “Atlantis” (1957). More substantial work with the name “Atlantis. The Main Problems of Atlantology” was published in 1964. Exactly in that times as Collins say, Soviet Union, resting on these finds, conducted in different regions of Atlantic the active searches of the proofs of existence of Atlantis.
    Among people in the West who understood at once that Soviet Union had already conducted the investigations of underwater construction in the waters of Cuba, was Leicester Hemingway, brother of the famous writer Ernest Hemingway. During his flight to Cuba Leicester noticed on the bottom “stony ruins occupying the area of some acres and having strangely white color as if they are made of marble”.
    In May 2001 in the bay of Guanahasibibes in western part of Cuba the joint Canada- Cuban expedition under leadership of Paulina Zelitzky discovered underwater city the age of which was 6000 years. It is curious that Paulina Zelitzky was born in Poland but studied for engineer in one of the closed institutes of Soviet Union. During cold war she was appointed to work on secret submarine which was then in Cuban waters. After that Zelitzky married and emigrated to Canada. It proves once more that the discoveries of Cuban-Canadian company under leadership of Paulina Zelitzky in western areas of water of Cuba were based on the results which were made some decades ago by Russians and Cubans. It is not a secret that until now the region of Seven Caves on the island of Youth (Pinos) is controlled by military men and tourists have no access here.
    Soviet submarines and research vessels furrowed in the region of Azores islands, near the shores of Spain and underwater archipelago Horseshoe. Russian geologists studied for a long time the underwater shoals Amper, Zhozephine, Gettisberg, Dacia, Concepsion, Corall, Sen which are members of archipelago Horseshoe. As far back as in 1962 Soviet vessel “Sedov” studied rather carefully the shoal Gettisberg. In the same region American and English geologists and oceanographers worked later.
    In 1970-80s USSR conducted large-scale research of  two underwater mountains Amper and Zhozephine. Hundreds of photos were made where hand-made walls, steps, the traces of masonry and vaults of some stony structures are imprinted. In these works doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, professor, leading official of Institute of Oceanology of Russian academy of Sciences of P.P.Shirshov Alexandr Gorodnitsky took part. Geological and petrochemical investigation of the specimen of basalt from the top of the mountain showed that such rock could form only on dry land 12000 years ago. So, almost 12000 years ago this archipelago was above water and stretched from Azores islands to Gibraltar.
    Not long ago French scientist Jack Collina-Jirar opened in the mouth of Gibraltar seven underwater shoals on which according to his mind culture of Atlanteans could originate. Near Cadiz in the middle of  1970s the archaeologists found at the depth of 30 meters the remains of huge four buildings with stony roads. Beginning from 1970s and up to 1990s here military marine forces of USA conducted their secret research expeditions. According to the rumors exactly military men found in Spanish waters the remains of Atlantis.
    The modern scientist Jeremy Horwick is going to publish the book “Mission- Atlantis: What do Seamen Know About Destroyed Continent”, in which he describes these operations. Horwick refers to declassified official documents and questioning of the former seamen from submarine. He maintains that military men managed to rise to the surface and take out the specimen of antediluvian techniques and armor of Atlantis. Later on Americans wanted to apply the unique technology of Atlantis in the cold war with Soviet Union. All this knowledge was used by the scientists of USA to create mighty military technique among them the invisible airplanes of the type “stells”, anti-missile system, cosmic technologies. Later on all publications about find were voted as mystification. From reliable sources it is known that here American special services took part which spread rumors with intention about supposedly deliberately false information.
    In 2001 to the south-west from Azores islands American and  Spanish geologists fixed underwater plateau of 90 km long. In the center of plateau  not destroyed temple with nine columns is found. Nearby the remains of five circle channels with bridges were placed. As American atlantologists assure all the information and photographs of the buildings are blocked by military departments of USA. According to our data exactly on Terseira one of the most secret bases of  military marine forces of USA is situated. May be it is connected with mysterious anomaly zones on archipelago itself and in the coastal waters? Portuguese's call such zones “Misterios”.
    Recent sensational finds near the coasts of Cuba, Easter island, India, Japan, on Bahama and Azores islands, practically on all northern coast of Russia from Kolsky peninsula to Taimyr, on the islands of Spitsbergen, on Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya tell about incredible antiquity of not only human culture but also attribute them to Mythical civilizations, such as Hyperborea, Lemuria, Atlantis, Pacifida, Mu and others.
    French scholar Jean Bailly in 17 th cent. identified Hyperborea and Atlantis. He formed the polar conception of the origin of world culture and civilization. So, mass migrations of ancient nations went from  North and not from South. In the end of 19th and beginning of 20th cent. William Warren in the book “Found Paradise on the Northern Pole” (1893) and Balgangadhara Tilak in the book “Arctic Motherland in Vedas” (1903).
In the beginning of  21st cent. Russian professor, doctor of philosophy Vitaly Demin came to the same conclusion. From 1986 with systematical investigations of Russian Arctic Marine Arctic complex expedition is occupied actively. Expeditions of 1997-2002 to Kolsky peninsula and Yamal, organized by Demin, gave sensational results. On the whole coast  Yamal the traces of being of ancient man are found, dated by the lower chronological slat by 3,000 B.C. Earlier, in 1982 during excavations in the region of Diring-Yuriah 140 km from Yakutsk stone tools were found the age of which is determined in the frames of 3,2-1,5 million years. In summer of  2001 on the river of Polui 40 km from Salekhard arcaeologists found tattooed mummy of the girl, which was not ascribed to any antropological race. Consequently, we can say that origin of man on Earth happened not in one place but in several ones and among them behind the polar circle.
On Kolsky peninsula and Solovetsk islands the most striking discoveries were made: the remains of ancient constructions, rock paintings, stone galleries, labyrinths, sanctuaries, pyramids, stone idol of 5 metres, mysterious polymetal figure resembling picture of matriarchal Eurasian Great Goddess.
Holy Lappish lakes Seidozero and Lovozero of Kolsky peninsula hide in themselves a lot of mysteries. In 1922 under the guidance of  F. Dzerzhinsky to Seidozero the expedition of  Russian scientist-cosmist Alexandr Barchenko (1881-1938) set off. Exactly here the expedition looked for material traces and secret knowledge of disappeared Hyperborean culture. According to witnesses, the participants found “stony flower of lotus”, the picture of trident, high white column, near it- mysterious cubic stone.
Then a secret department existed in OGPU, secretly leading and financing some laboratories and expedition projects and among them elaborations of Barchenko. The discoveries of Barchenko at once appeared in the hands of officials of All-Russian Special Commission for Combating Counter- revolution and Sabotage and were strictly placed on secret about which there are documental corroborations.
Seidozero itself is a symbol and personification of Great Mystery. According to legend it has double bottom. In the mountains near the lake Barchenko went down to underground cave which probably led under the bottom of  the lake. In July 2001 the expedition of Demin managed to fix with the help of radiolocation on the coast of Seidozero a vast- about 9 meters in height- cavity of the cave kind filled with water. From here under the bottom of the lake a tunnel goes also filled with water and silt. In a year here  rectilineal stone blocks were found processed as examination showed by metal instruments! The time of their artificial processing oscillate from 8th to 9th thsnd. B.C.
Also a great impression make pyramidal  peaks on Spitsbergen. The name of northern archipelago is derived from two words: spitz- “sharp end”, bergen- “mountains”. One of the most famous mountains on Spitsbergen is called so- “pyramid”. Pyramidal hills, mounds, mountains and, properly speaking pyramids are everywhere.
In Russia pyramidal constructions and, in fact, pyramids we can meet in Chukotka, Yamal, Urals, Siberia, Primorsky region (Nachodka), in Middle Asia. Even in Crimea whole 37 underground pyramids are found! In the centre of Nachodka a pyramid with the name “Brother” is rising exploded in Soviet times. The age of pyramid is estimated by the scientists of Second Amur expedition in some tens thousand years, and may be hundred thousand years.
Large stone balls of different seize the researchers unexpectedly found on the island of Champ of Franz Josef Land archipelago. Undoubtedly, they are processed by human hands and resemble the same artifacts of Costa-Rica, Guatemala  and Mexico. The scientists managed to find similar stone balls in other regions of the planet- in Kazachstan, Egypt, Romania, Germany, Brasil.
Some data let us tell that rivalry between Soviet Union and USA in a cold war took place not only in the sphere of traditional science and culture but in the non-traditional sphere such as esoteric knowledge of ancient civilizations including Hyperborea, Lemuria and Atlantis. The archives of the former special agencies and special departments OGPU, NKVD, MGB, in particular, concerning expeditions of Barchenko, Rerich and other investigators to Kolsky peninsula, Krimea, Altai, Aphganistan,Tibet, Mongolia and other concealed centers passed under the authority of KGB and then FSB of Russia. It is known that in 1926 Barchenko and Rerich met with each other.
In the last decade Russian scientists continue the searches of  the perished civilization. In the period from 1996 to 1999 the group of scientists from Ufa under leadership of doctor of medicine, professor, the director of All Russian center of optic and plastic surgery of Ministry of health of Russia E.R.Muldashev organized four expeditions in the region of Tibet to find legendary City of Gods.
Studying the results of four Gimalayan-Tibet expeditions, Muldashev and his group came to sensational conclusions: City of Gods was built by representatives of antediluvian civilizations: Lemurians and Atlanteans!
The members of expedition discovered in the region of Tibet about 100 mountains in which the pyramidal constructions and monuments could be guessed, clearly oriented to the sides of the world. All this complex of mountain constructions is connected mathematically and geographically with Egyptian, Mexican and other pyramidal constructions on Earth, Northern Pole and ancient megaliths (Stonehenge and others).
On the top of one of the pyramids the members of expedition saw a monument in the pose of sitting man. The height of this monument approximately was 40 meters. Computer treatment of photo- and video material showed that the statue “was sitting” in the pose of Buddha, slightly inclined ahead, holds a plate (or a book) on the knees and as if reading it. The statue is turned with it’s face to South-East- where legendary Lemuria was situated on the territory of Pacific ocean. Muldashev thinks that this monument symbolizes a Lemurian, giving to Atlanteans “golden plates” on which imperishable knowledge of former generations is written. According to many legends “golden plates” (the records of true, “Akasha” knowledge) are kept till now in the deep undergrounds of Shambala- City of Gods together with sleeping representatives of the first civilizations on Earth.
In summer of 1998 Institute of Metahistory jointly with Institute of oceanology of Russian academy of sciences of P.P.Shirshov  conducted preparations of expedition for the search of legendary island. The scientists had to check up the hypothesis of Member of Russian Geographical society of Russian academy of sciences Viatcheslav Kudriavtsev, according to which, Atlantis was in the region of Celtic shelf to the south of present England and Ireland and to the West from France. But expedition wasn’t held because of financial difficulties.
Numerous artifacts found in all places of the World come to the conclusion about existence in the distant past of unknown civilization preceding to ours. And it is not important how it was called: Hyperborea, Lemuria or Atlantis. The other thing is important, that many years ago, when the skepticism of humanity concerning cyclic development was very high there were found great lone persons-investigators  like Zhirov, who believed selflessly into existence of antediluvian cultures. It was a real knight of Atlantis, eminent person of encyclopedic knowledge and atlantologist of 20th Century.
Zhirov believed that the time of enthusiastic lonely persons who cannot embrace all the complex of questions connected with scientific atlantology will some time pass. Zhirov dreamed about the problem of Atlantis to be examined with participation of scientists-specialists of different scientific disciplines.
It seems that such time has already come. In western countries the societies, organizations and institutes actively working with the problem of Atlantis are created. One of the main such centers is situated in the state of Virginia (USA). Association of scientists and men of enlightenment (ARE) was created in 1932 on the base of Fund of Edgar Cayce, where the theme of “Atlantis” is on one of the first places in the system of research projects.
In Russia with the questions of Atlantis recently created “Russian society on studying of the problems of Atlantis” (ROIPA) under the aegis of anthology “Atlantis: problems,searches, hypotheses” is occupied.
In 2000 in Moscow the First Russian congress of atlantologists took place which solved in the main organizing problems in connection with publication of special anthology. In May of 2003 also in Moscow in premises of Institute of oceanology of Russian academy of sciences of P.P. Shirshov the Second Russian congress of atlantologists , devoted to 100 anniversary of outstanding Russian atlantologist and scientist Nikolay Feodosievich Zhirov, took place.
At the forum famous scientists, investigators, atlantologists were present: Doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, Professor, leading official of Institute of oceanology of Russian academy of sciences of P.P. Shirshov A.M.Gorodnitsky, Doctor of philosophy in the sphere of ancient history (Brusseles) V.I. Scherbakov, leading official of Institute of geography of Russian academy of sciences, Doctor of geographical sciences, Professor M.G. Grosvald, State prize of the USSR winner, member of Russian academy of cosmonautics of  K.E. Tsiolkovsky A.I. Voitsechovsky, writer, chief editor of the magazine “World Pathfinder” N.N. Nepomniaschy, President of  Russian society on studying of the problems of Atlantis (ROIPA), chief editor of the anthology “Atlantis: problems, searches hypotheses” A.A. Voronin, Chairman of independent association “The Lute of Oriola”, winner of the premium of International Literary fund of Milan Fusht at Hungarian Academy of sciences L.A. Volodarsky, atlantologist and specialist in study of literature  G.V.Nefediev, investigator-atlantologist A. Vagabov and many others.
The congress played a great role in unification of Russian atlantologists, strengthening of  relations with foreign colleagues, scientific institutions, which are occupied at the present time with the problem of Atlantis in Russia and abroad.
The last investigations show that humanity doesn’t stay still. From the color pieces of antediluvian heritage of the most ancient civilizations a united mosaic canvas with the name “Atlantis” is formed gradually. The humanity is being convinced the next time that History cannot be considered without intercommunication with ancient Tradition and Esoteric doctrine. The development of the science of atlantology will inevitably lead in the near future to the practical aim- discovery of mysterious Atlantis.

                Alexandr Voronin

President of Russian society on studying of the problems of Atlantis (ROIPA)

Chief editor of the anthology
“Atlantis: problems, searches, hypotheses”


Webmasters response to the information presented-

As you can see there is allot of timeline history in Russian research into the Atlantis question which for some of us in the 'states' in some cases makes one feel like we are out of touch with what has happened with the rest of the Old World theories about Atlantis which we only get a portion of from internet, library loan books, or correspondence via the electronic age. Most of us do not travel the world and in our own little cubby holes we get very little of what the bigger picture on the Atlantis subject of what it actually was or is. The main point is other people of other countries are invited to put forward Bibliography research and the goal of this internet site is to have the largest Bibliography base on Atlantis books or research in the world. I have been collecting for sometime and think soon the greatest book lists should be put forward for the future researcher to look up. Why? Because the day Atlantis is publicly found or announced and the finders of Atlantis said 'yep that's Atlantis alright' I think the list of books of who said what over time will be exceedingly important just as science glorified Sir Arthur Evans or many other great archaeologist, before they do take credit for the Atlantis discovery take a good look at who in the past were the list of believers of Atlantis who never got credit and got ridiculed for just looking at the subject by their own piers! When did the ridicule start? Aristotle started it on Plato, but later actually had pseudo recanted due to some mysterious evidence that upset him to not speak about it further when asked his opinion on the subject. Much as Jung did to Freud, the knock came from somewhere else when Aristotle looked into the subject and found he could not disprove Plato, what that may have involved was some botany issue maybe like Darwin's of the Canary Islands African violets? The main aspects of the above letter found intriguing is the Giant terms like Rus, and the giant-bogatyr it may be noted I might add for A. Voronin that 'Rus' is a part of a name involved in Stonehenge's own old name of Kalerous in Egyptian is Kel=Temple (Celtic Prefix)+Lair like a Field+(L=R)Ra+Aus= 'The Temple or Field of Ra and Osiris' and note the Kaleva Story name as a kind of Killarous in the sense of Kelva or Corva is Raven and Crone of Bran. The bird is Rus or Ra-Aus in a rising sun form a replacement of Ra-Benu a large mythical bird of the Nordic a heron or woodpecker variety. Thus is Stonehenge lore is it was built by Giants then here is the 'Rus' Gaints name replicated as his Kel-Temple. Makes one wonder if the name was Rus-Thonen? Then also this," Russian poets Nikolay Kluev and Alexander Block describe underwater Diamond Ice City- spiritual center of Russian Old Belief and also the symbolic ascent to snowy mountains in the North searching for God. " Well known the story of the Kaleva of the Ice Giants who come from Castle of Ice of a name like Carianthral ('Crown Tower') as if Corona Borealis had gone sunk? Also Bogatyr of Russia has a place name relative of Bogota of Bolivia or in South America which has many weird iron to copper sculptures of a head dressed figure who looks like a Hindu version of Lugh or the conical hat attributed to a culture that came from Venezula or from the marsh river culture near the Islands of the coast of Columbia or Brazil and has the ethnic look of a 'Pomer' or 'Sea Side People' who were at first noted as Red Ochre seekers of the Middle East Asian mixed who had Baltic God names but not unlike pre-Phoenician associations? Although some confusions later or earlier with Bootes figure the original Bogata seems to have been a woman Giantess! The line about "Zlatogorka, the daughter of Sviatogor lives somewhere behind the sea in Latyn (Altyn, Alatyr) kingdom, which is understood as Atlantis. Exactly Slavic legends tell us about the perished once great ancient land of Veles- Sviatogor- Dazhbog." Shows some very plausible language as somewhat old i.e. this list:

Svaitogor as 'Suph-t'='Reed' or 'Heaven Region' or 'Field' with Akeru as 'the man of the field' as divine or intelligent often involving a circuit of land or the sky in Egypt. In Canaan Atragades or Atragator is allot like the 'aitogor' name involving a sacred land of a man or woman goddess connected with both agriculture, tree or garden cultivators but of hunters as well.

The Zlatogorka would appear to be his pseudo consort of the female form with the 'atogorka' which Gorka was a term used for female shamans like Gorgo-n. But outside of the Zlato or salt name and Gorka as possibly a fish there is the Sertu-Kerke which involves a 'cave' and 'circle of stone' term and possibly a 'never setting field' which in the end on land the field eventually did.

The most important clue is the Latyn, Altyn, and Alatyr kingdom involving altar, hill, and lind worm along with river and a female Sun Goddess with some tower or bull possibly involved. The Alatyr is very similar to Altair Star easily seen star of Aquila constellation often associated with lands running from North America to the Nordic and Hyperborian kingdoms? In the northern sky it is one end of the Milky Way bridge so to speak and a significant metaphor if the spelling and pronunciations are correct. It may explain a Nordic name for Draco as in some cases a name like Ladon taken from what appears to be Lythian or Scythian terminologies?

On the whole the Veles-Sviatogor-Dazhbog seems to indicate a strange comment about that land which is very close to a descriptive of lands probably west of Russia and even Great Britian involving the Celtic Shelf all the way to the Sargasso Sea. Veles like Valleys, Vales, Winds or Sails like Vela X, Wales like the 'Milky Way', or Ferrys actual boat. Then the Sviatogor 'Land of Sacred Heavenly Reeds or in America we call the 'Ever Glades' and Elysian Fields. Then Dazhbog which is actually more difficult but could be a name like Tchesberg or Datcha-Bog as a Council or a cemetary as Tcheser with the Bog as the place of glacial sunk land as if Corona constellation and its council sunk like the 'Ice Castle'? If we take the line from Altair to Corona we find one creature or two encompass that region in the north sky one is Vega, the next is Hercules, and last is Draco in the dead center of this mythic plotting. Daz could refer to Draco as well implied as cut by some pole alignment in relation to the Bogs? It maybe noted Altair is 15' degrees below the Corona line in the night sky so if once circumpolar by that distance south we are looking at a region not far from the Straits of Gibraltar and most definitely looking at the terminus of the region of  Southern France west Coast i.e. near Spain. We can imagine as many Hesperidia type myths that the Milky Way ended up having the Atlantis story thrown into the sky as eternal reeds and ferries crossing them to the Slavic or Nordic ancestors via the bogs of the final resting place of the atlantean councils or their lost celtic shelf and ancestors in the 'west' like Osiris and Arthurs Avalon is typified. This I put forward in light of John Cohane's 'The Key' which is somewhat a valid attempt of the places, gods names and men as well as other studies of linguistics I do. Others can try what I just did but you may note I was exceedingly cautious for sound shifts are a touchy thing not child's play and difficult to master. If one does not have at least 30 years experience in this then you better have the best sound shift information and ancient texts in your hands and know about 8 languages right off hand and even then you may not have the full history of language in front of you which involves libraries most never go to in order to find out. Some of the information put forward in the above compellation of Voronin has been noted only in certain parts in Charles Berlitz Book 'The Eight Continent' but very few if at all of the Russian work in general. Without the information above as a guideline most of us in the world would not be aware of the level of contribution the Russians have on Atlantis, and now that country is of a Euro type status I am sure more declassified information will come out over the years to fill the deep void most of us felt when the 'Block' was up and could not correspond in the specific interest of Atlantology which the year 2,000 A.D. was designated a science not a fringe archaeology due to what has occurred in Cuba temples found which now has taken most scientists out of the laughing group into very serious and concerned posture that history will once again be slightly vindicated by their prior jeers. Atlantologists believe me are now some of the most sought after scientists in light of these new facts but the point is they have been around for years but who would listen? It was the public that listened and explains why the story has never ended they understand that in civilizations of man spanning thousands upon thousands of years man has rose and fell in periods of light and darkness and so the public even with a high school education can understand at least that very physical and human reality i.e. our frailty to any form of extinction. Lets pray that this website and many others awakening the world of certain realities will make many appreciate the world wide heritage Atlantis and Mu plausibly somewhat bestowed on man in growing up back to the period of beings of light we once were and may return to that condition if we learn about the harmony of earth not the discord of it. Sinc. Dean Clarke BLS

Thanks A. Voronin, again good work and this is a replication to what are the parts of the information that are on their Russian website in Russia of the Russian society on studying of the problems of Atlantis (ROIPA)   and open to the Russian public.

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