What is the Study of Atlantology, or the science about Atlantis

What is the Study of Atlantology, or the science about Atlantis?

1948- Father P.N. Zammit O.P. who was a Prof. Of Social Studies At the Angelicum College at Rome

made just one outline if it were to be scientifically plausible of what the study should include.

1. The Origin of names related to the Atlantic ocean. (Atlas in greek 'to crush'.Pacifica 'peace loving')

2.The historical existence of Atlantis.

3. Its locality, geography, and time of disappearance.

4. Modality and causes of disappearance.

5.Effects of its disappearance (did it cause the appearance of lands. Quantity of the sea unchanged?)

6.Civilization attained by its inhabitants.

7. Influence of its civilization on the remaining continents.

8. Any possibility and means of a direct archeological knowledge about Atlantis?

Comment from the web master Dean R. Clarke B.L.S.- All though this might be a starting point in research it does not encompass the width and breadth of this subject that can now involve quite a few other sciences in this endeavor. Yet, the principle idea behind why the subject is studied by more serious scholars is that there is enough evidence to warrant the existence of not one but 8 to 10 other continents that may have once existed then lost to time or the seas.

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