A perspective on the recent Tsunami that hit Maritime Indonesia Region at the end of Dec. 2004

  By Dean Clarke BLS


         The degree of surprise and the lack of warning is really not that unusual in light of the known earthquake, but what did take everyone off guard was the degree of the shockwave effect upon the ocean by a scale ‘9’ earthquake in the South Indonesia-Pacific arena i.e. near Sumatra-Java. If we take a look at the region we see a large archipelago basin to the north and west of this area called the region of the Malacca or the Sea of Malacca. This Sea that hugs the Malay Peninsula looks like a huge oblong valley basin that became progressively lost to time in either sinking or flooding over the last several million years. They may have one time been just a series of inland seas or lakes the bridges of the land within them have long since worn away. What makes the region somewhat interesting is that it is only due north of the quake in question that devastated the coastal islands and region with 25 foot tidal waves. Death count so far near or above 150,000 people so far unconfirmed but fairly established. The name Malacca has a very interesting history in relation to the ‘milk’, or ‘milky’ realm it is also a word in relation to places and their names along the Saudi Arabian west coast and Yemen all the way to Western Africa and then a word that spread eastward all the way into the Pacific Islands. Malakka, Malacca, Morocco, Malaku, Malaga, Malukka and Malauga all are names indicating a lost cultural belief system and a lost maritime culture who were connected with the La Maria, La Mura, La Maira and Lemur complex of tribal names. They were referred to as the Lotus Eaters, and in some cases as the ancient Pomers or a trading partner or pirate according to their position a 9,000 BC.  Azillian and post Magdalenian person would have viewed them in connection to their trade activities as sometimes friendly and sometimes groups to beware (very much like the Irish-Scotish story). What the La Maira group of the East Africa version have compared with the man of North and West African coast during that time involved the fact that both did eat ‘eels’ and some cases cultivated them as fish stock. They were easy to dry out, very portable and in a lot of cases very accessible be it sea born, or river born eels. It was a lifestyle in the middle of mans historical experimentation of his fish eating exploits that caused some of man’s ancient conflicts. Now nature wants its due, with stories of all kinds of fish life washing to shore from deep beneath the earth’s Pacific based seas and oceans along with the untold amount of dead bodies lost to its conflagrations. It is tragic, sad, and hauntingly familiar to the unconscious of man’s history and ‘psychic amnesia’ as Velikovsky would have called it and Ignatius Donnelly who once ran for Vice President of the United States under the Populace Party would have in his owns words duly noted an example of how fast a ‘Atlantis-Lemuria’ condition can occur to islands and continents in terms of earth born catastrophes. In a geologically active planet there is really no such thing as a completely safe place anywhere in terms of the entire span of earth history. Earthquakes can happen anywhere and are not selective as one might think. One may conclude the worship of underworld deities by man as old as the star worship due to his horror and fascination as to how the earth or nature could turn on him, one had to explain to your own children the how come and why’s. In returning back to the loss of life and the horrible tragedy one redeeming thing remains that man is reminded on a occasional basis to understand, listen to, and be forgiving of the earth she is barely in her mid life as a planet and she is still growing and evolving like we are. Does this mean that all deaths are to any lost avail, absolutely not, because we evolve our understanding that the planet is not just a place to specifically exploit for the sake of it, or any other planet.  Yet, their may be born from this more scientists from those regions who will care for the planet and look at it differently then we do today that this is the positive mark. It might be that America’s empathy is increasing at level not seen before from the stand point of ‘isolationist’ thinking slowly fading away in this world which we all share. Now back to the Lemuria point- There are many jumping on the band wagon of Lemuria returning, or Lemuria’s revenge as if some lost Roman Ghost (Lameri) and saying it was the region of the old Lemuria based on India maps and ancient lore. If so it would have been the last vestige of Lemuria not the original. One wonders how much the Phoenicians had in common with them i.e. the Pomer culture? Many of the headdresses of the Pelisgians were similar to the Pomer as well as coastal Egypto-Ethiopians. What was the interest of Egyptian Pharaohs in the Malacca Island chain and Sumatra around 2,000 BC that would prompt minor colonization’s? Did they experience their own visitor Karkatoa in that region while exploiting it for it was only 400 to 500 years later Thera gave way? One might say that a pattern in a vague form is emerging………. What the tropical, or tropics has that man wants for any exploit is also seeds of disaster. For many of these locations have very active areas geologic wise, which that is clear, and exploiting, these regions can have a devastating effect. Thus increasing at a faster rate the destructive forces then say in less active areas of the earth to be exploited. It would seem the earth is about to come into a mountain building phase i.e. new lands which means it is preparing in the next 4000 years ice building and which will cause more pressure on volcanic structure. But at first the Age of Aquarius appears i.e. the Water Barer and so a lot more flooding and warming to come. We are just in the dawn of it, but Atlantis was evolved under its pervious Age of Aquarius some 26,000 years ago, which also arrived in a near inter-glacial period and saw its 22,000 BC flooding at the end of that age with Capricorn heralding the return of ice. One wonders if that was the period of Lemuria’s last hurrah, as in some places the ocean receded, only to return and reclaim the lost land of the Lotus Eaters and Eel Weir keepers of Western Lemuria? My prayers go out to everyone affected by this catastrophe, which this website was put up way in advance of these events to be a kind of solace to those affected about the how’s, the whys, the how come and other psychic effects of loss by events beyond mans control.  This web space is and has always been dedicated to the understanding of mans stories and relationships with an active earth that has not always gone man’s way and for your children’s, children to understand i.e. it happens again and again. That means nothing new here. The web site does not claim to replace any loss that others experience, merely a place to browse thru the ancient stories to see patterns in the ideas and folklore that something did go wrong many times before, in a way we all are not alone with this the world shares and man shares the experience otherwise stories would have never been told or written. If that had happened it would have been the world’s greatest lie, second only to the existence of spirit and love. Let us always remember these forces are real and not do what some of our ancestors did and try to forget it completely which would do no good for the rest of us to bare in mind……. The realm of the superficial just got knocked down three steps; reality in our consciousness must sink in and not have made up stories about what really happened like some substitute psychic amnesia. The military understand this concept very well during wartime events, and now we all share that. Sinc. Clarke BLS soc. geog. Dec.-Jan. 2004-2005

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