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Echoes of Atlantis in Nippon, Prof. A.M. Kamienski, A.F.R.A.S.

For several thousands of years the peoples of eastern Asia- Chinese. Japanese, Koreaner and others had been using an ideogram when writing a Mountain. When author during his sojourn in Nippon came across a mountain symbol, and inquired about it. When he first asked he thought the single mountain was the sign of a three pronged ideogram symbol, but to his surprise it is really depicting a three mountain prong literally. The symbol is simaler to the triton symbol, and that the triton symbol means in those languages not a harpoon directly but a 'Mountain range with three specific mountains'. Now, many ancient authors mention that to the west of Cerne, the capital of Poseidonia, there was a mountain with three peaks. On the highest of them there was erected a shrine for Poseidone. But in the antique world Poseidon was the deity of seas and oceans, having trident as his symbol. Thus astronomers, even at present, use this symbol for the denoting of Planet Neptune vel Poseidon. The custom of hanging up round paper lanterns during festivals and parties was transferred from Atlantean to Japanese. It lasts in their country even nowadays. One of these festivals is Bon or Lantern Fest, kept on the 7th of July. It is devoted to the memory of deceased men (in Christianity it is All Souls' Day). According to famous French philosopher Fabie d' Olivet (in the beginning of XIX century), the Lantern Fest is a reminiscence of the terrible catastrophe-that of the submersion of Poseidonia. It is a very curious thing to note that the orbit of Halley's Comet approaches that of the earth just in that its place where the earth moves in Summer. Now the closest approach of the orbits of these Celestial Bodies takes place at present on May 15th. Col.A. Braghine, in his 'L'Erigme de L' Atlantide' mentions that the earth approached Halley on 7th of June, 4,015 B.C.. According to the authors computations, it took place about 4,012 B.C. Supposing that these data differ in consequence of the motion of nodes of the comet's orbit, and extrapolating them for the year 9,500 B.C., we find that the minimum distance of the earth from the comet's orbit took place towards the end of June or in the beginning of July. Thus, the author's consideration nearly agrees with the date for the Bon's day. It should be however noted that the orbit of Halley's Comet was hitherto investigated only for the period from 1910 A.D. upto 623 B.C. But the author had extrapolated it backwards, showing that the bright comet of 2,320 B.C. was in reality Halley's Comet. Nevertheless, long and difficult investigations and computations are to be made to find the very orbit of this comet for 9,500 B.C. These investigations hitherto were not preformed. It is a curious thing that according to Col. Braghine, in the Brazilian Forests were found lately sun stones. The round disks of them were divided into 16 sectors. On the other hand, the arms of the Emperor of Japan is represented by a chrysanthemum with 16 petals, what is very similar to the sun-stones of Brazil. From these coincidences we can conclude, that the Atlantean Culture and certain their rites penetrated from native Poseidonia far to the west as well as to the east-reaching China and Japan.

Moreover, certain Mayan Ideograms are very similar to those of Emperor Fo-Hi in China.

Webmaster's note: Ptolemy also found in geography of the sun cast shadows this 16 sectors in the early beginning of the first millenium. It may be added that during the period before the Hyksos went into Egypt as Shepherd Kings the Egyptians were already plotting out shadow clocks and wells all across Africa, say roughly about 1,750 B.C. The reasoning is that it may have been discovered before this period in solar worship, but became at some point nearly forgotten as a latitude component. The Lantern Festival however is what makes the point all the more interesting, that the solar, or celestial fire cult of an ancient origin maybe connected with the use of light and shadow to mark out latitude by use of their ancestor's placed on earth and in the stars? The Triton is a very old symbol and is tied with a very earlier sextant device, not just for fishing as the Polynesian's have shown in their elaborate harpoon language? The mountains were the earliest sextant devices from solar to moon to comets to the night sky in the backdrop of its summits?

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