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The Ice Ages: Their Nature and Significance, L.M. Young (part two)

"Of course these are not uniform due to warping and other circumstances of a geological nature but of the higher terraces where is a fair correlation, the ones below the present sea level not being visible. There are of course the submerged continental shelves regarded as the border between the continental margins and the abyssal depths of ocean but whether these determine the lowest eustatic shrift of sea level is debatable and it is possible that there were other factors involved. The range is generally conceded to have fluctuated from a maximum of about 180-250 meters higher than that of the present to the minimum of about 130 meters lower. These oscillations have had a terminology applied and stratigraphically correlated with the glacial or interglacial sequences particularly the continental ones. For this purpose the stratigraphy of the Mediterranean basin and Moroccan shorelines have been mainly employed which were elucidated during the century by French geologists. Other sequences are known but these have yet to be determined and correlated with exactitude. It may be remarked that there are also a sequence of raised beaches along the Scandinavian coast, the highest of which is more than 100 feet above sea level, but these cannot be considered trustworthy, as it is known that the land is gradually raising through the lessening of the tremendous load which depressed it when the former was glaciated, a process generally termed isostasy. In regard to the Mediterranean raised shorelines, studies appear to indicate that the sea level at the beginning of the Pleistocene epoch or more probably at the commencement of the Cenozoic itself, was much higher than the later maximums during the interglacials. The lowest raised beaches and the river terraces are therefore the youngest and the most recent. This would suggest that unless the oceans were depleted through some unexplained exterior cause, as each successive interglacial occurred, more and more ice remained unfrozen, implying a drop in throughout the whole of the period, though again it must be emphasized this is not by any means absolutely certain. Research has indicated that the glacials were only a part of a worldwide phenomenon of which climatic and temperature have a prominent part. As progress in Cenozoic or Quaternary stratigraphy and paleo-climate proceeds and is extended of other regions, many of which there is still a paucity of knowledge such as Antarctica and Australia, a new perspective is emerging which ultimately change many of the present notions. It is on this basis rather than the primary utilization of the glacial sequence alone though these certainly have an important part that a more full model can be created. Other ancillary data, such as deep-sea stratigraphy, fossil material both plants and invertebrates all contribute to the general picture. Since the entire period or nearly so of the Pleistocene formed the background of the primitive hominids and finally Homo Sapiens, the importance of the fluctuations that so largely shaped the geo-morphological and environmental features of the Quaternary cannot be underestimated. Nor can the causes of these abnormal climatic changes be overlooked. There have been hypothesis, ranging from those of an astronomical import, such as those of Croll and Drayson at the end of the last century which cannot be discussed adequately in a few paragraphs, but which rests largely on perturbations and gravitational effects of the Earth’s obliquity and motion and the tilt of its axis in relation to the plane of its orbit. These cyclic variations are also utilized by Milankovitch a Jugoslav astronomer who combined these with the curves of varying intensity of the sun’s radiation received by the Earth. Zeuner the geochronologist supported the latter’s hypothesis but could not altogether attribute this to the cause of the Ice Ages. The weakness of the foregoing and those that have propounded similar theories is that to have justification they must be cyclic, that is the glaciations continued at intervals without intermission throughout geological time. There were former glacial periods but these like the last are compactly confined to certain periods. There are some indications that these climatic cycles are in some associated with mountain uplift, but unless it can be shown without question that these are in some manner connected and that the dynamic causes instigating phenomena was induced by external or exterior manifestations, more precise indications must be sought for. Some have proposed a combination of related factors. Again the weakness of this is of course that if it was actually so, then the same must have operated in remoter periods which is highly problematical. As affirmed in an earlier paragraph, catastrophism has recently again emerged into prominence and a number have proposed hypothesis suggesting that perturbations arising from meteorite impact could have triggered the conditions initiating the Ice Age. To enter deeply into this complex question would take more than a few paragraphs and all that can be stated is the majority of these propositions fail due to the circumstances that the meteorite catastrophes envisaged only have a short term and random effect that are certainly not compatible with the glacial period. Only the capture theory of Hans Hoerbiger, fits neatly in the glacial model." L.M.Young

The early 19th century original model of interglacials stretched 600,000 years, but as of present from the Pleistocene to the Villefranchain stretches 3 million years. This is a large enough period for a misguided moon to drop.

In the next article it involves the many activities of the 1973 conference in Cadiz which was an uncomfortable experience for Mrs. Asher basically if the Spanish and US govt. do not want you near something they can make it a ‘stupid’ big deal. Timing is everything in Atlantis study and her timing was not the best based on what the US, and Spain was doing at that time in relation to the Soviet interests or problems in Spain.

Politics got the best of the subject, regrettably so. I met Asher in 1976 when she was touring her books, it was fitting our nation celebrated the 200th bicentennial anniversary of our countries founding, and Atlantis subject was nearly at a standstill. Which was the same period that The Sirius Mystery of Robert Temple’s book was black listed in the US. This was a fairly harmless book at that. I do not condone the US just that the un- censorship of information and declassifying of information is only coming to light in recent years. It was not a big deal in 1973, but some intelligence community had some great fears of people looking at their local naval base. This has recently been heightened in light of recent events. It has now hurt the Atlantis subject once again. There seems to be a 30 year cycle of submersing information when politics really has no role in the Atlantis issue. We are not going to blame the events for the suppressing of information either, in a way like it or not Atlantis question will keep re-emerging. Sadly, we have to put up with it. While more lies occur about its non-existence, which reoccur over and over again. It never helped science to further develop as well, no fanfare for the common man, which is now outlawed from the truth. Yet to all remain optimistic, more to come on Atlantis possibly by way of the Cuba find, or some new rising lands!!!!! We can only hope the US will allow us to continue the work badly needed. If the power sources of the underwater pyramids is a problem, then let some electro-magnetic engineers follow the team so we can determine what is safe or not. Understanding at the same time that safety is under the Naval control. Sinc. Webmaster

The Cadiz Conference of 1973 and Neith who is also Tanith, E. Sykes 1973 begins ( Maxine Asher in Conference as well as other students)



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