Platonic Miscellany, by Leslie Young

1949- annotated sections of Atlantean Research-Editor Edgerton Sykes

Plato spent a good portion of his life dedicated to the study of Atlantis till age 80, and Critias section of the story about Atlantis was not finished when Plato died. There was a third dialogue that was to involve a section called, Hemocrates. Lutoslawki in his 'The Origin and Growth of Plato's Logic'

Mentions that Timaeus and Critias were written near the same time as Plato's 'The Laws' which is known from the testimony of Diogenes Laertius to be one of the last works of Plato. Critias may have been a rough draft not fully polished according to A. E. Taylor. Plato makes clear the universality of the flood story by the Atlanteans invading foreign lands. In one of the last work by Plato is found a referance in the 'Politicus' which mentions a former world cycle described as the 'Age of Chronus'.

The strange cosmic phenomena that closed the former epoch are mentioned in the myth concerning

Atreus and Thyestes which are connected with the great complex of stories about Atlantis though fragmented. "Apart from the mention of a portent that is said to have marked the quarrel of these two greek heroes, described as the token of the birth of the golden lamb, it is also stated that the sun and the stars once rose in the west, and set in the east."

A statement in a subsequent paragraph mentions that cosmic changes were marked by a series of earthquakes and terrestrial upheavals, that quite possibly belong to the actual tradition. These are not statements of any fiction by Plato but recorded stories passed on to him by oral tradition. This is backed by a statement by Herodotus who found according to the 11,000 years of Egyptian historical recordings that:

'During this time it is asserted, "the sun had on four occasions, moved from his wonton course, twice rising where he now sets, and twice setting where he now rises. Egypt was in no degree affected by these changes……"'


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